Foodblogging/storyblogging in the Triangle - the first Long Table

Under the fold are some pictures from the inaugural Long Table event at 3Cups in Chapel Hill with Moroccan food prepared by Sandwhich, organized by Anton and Erin Zuiker.

There were about 35 people there. I knew a few of them from before, but it was mostly new people I got to meet. Some people were new even to Anton and Erin as this was a publicly advertised event, open to the first 35 people who sign up. Every now and then, a person would get up and tell a short story related to food and travel, mostly about unforgettable meals in unforgettable places.

I am aware of only one blog post about it so far - by Lenore Ramm - although a couple of other people in the room are known to have blogs or are on social networking sites. We all hope that this will become a regular feature on the local social celandar - trying new venues, new cuisines, and new story topics each time.

i-dbf1afe0216e2eb77aaa88a1a5bdb63b-LongTable 001.jpg
i-aa946bdd396660bf4d24f2a8bb833d38-LongTable 002.jpg
i-9021cc4c4852188de6a6d6b2b686867c-LongTable 003.jpg

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