The Best of September

I have posted 131 times in September (exact same number as August), including many cool videos as well as a few pictures from a recent trip to the zoo. This month I also started importing the best links I posted on Twitter over the day, in Tweetlinks.

In September I interviewed Victor Henning, John Wilbanks and Kevin Emamy.

At work, the most exciting news was the release of Article-Level Metrics at PLoS - Download Data. I announced the Blog Pick Of The Month and that PLoS ONE won the '09 ALPSP Award for Publishing Innovation!. Then I did an Interview with Dr.Derya Unutmaz, Section Editor for Immunology at PLoS ONE and told you about our cool new dinosaur paper.

Speaking of dinosarus, it was also the time to announce the Open Dinosaur Project.

I got a brand new Homepage and did some fiddling around with my About Me page here.

I got on the editorial board of the Journal of Science Communication.

I made the first big ScienceOnline2010 update, went on the radio to talk about it and announced a new sponsor and travel grants.

The best post of the month was Talkin' Trash about the reporting from the Northern Pacific Gyre., a new science news service was anounced, with mixed reactions from the twitterverse, which prompted me to ask what investigative science reporting is.

This month was also an important date in my life.

I went to Techie Tuesday and The Long Table and next is a concert by Leonard Cohen.

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