ScienceOnline2010 - introducing the participants


The conference is starting in just a few days. Overwhelmed yet? Here are some tips - what to do while at the conference, as well as what to do if not physically present but interested in following virtually.

Unless a few more waitlisters manage to squeeze in at the last moment, this post will be the last post introducing the participants - we expect as many as 275 people in one place during some events!

Morgan Giddings is a Systems Biology Professor at UNC Chapel Hill. She blogs on Morgan on Science and is writing a book on Marketing Your Science. She is also on Twitter.

Bill Cannon works at Krell Institute and the ASCR Discovery and he tweets.

Denise Young is the Director of Education Programs at the UNC Morehead Planetarium and Science Center in Chapel Hill.

William Saleu comes all the way from Papua New Guinea. He is currently a graduate student at the Duke Marine Lab. He blogs and tweets.

Lyndell Bade recently moved to Greenville NC to start graduate studies in the Biology Department at East Carolina University doing shark research. She blogs on SaveOurSharks and People, Policy, Planet and tweets.


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