This is how ScienceOnline officially ends ;-)

As four contestants during the Saturday banquet knew (or guessed correctly), every year after a successful ScienceOnline conference, Anton and I get a few days of rest, then get together, look at all the feedback you give us in the feedback form and on blogs, balance the books, start planning for the next one and....have a shot of slivovitz, the uber-strong Serbian plum brandy. Well, I just came back home from Anton's house and here is the photographic evidence - see you all next year!

i-1a16922cb6719b6ae56d7246511a2048-slivovitz 001.jpg

Oh, you wanted to actually see us drink it? For that you need to go under the fold:

i-7856b45fbcd2e792a537fe30434e92bd-slivovitz 002.jpg
i-c828bab3fa507dcfdfff60ea7291f389-slivovitz 003.jpg
i-4cd611b59649ae4e7f89e6607eabf06f-slivovitz 004.jpg
i-54cd4c37ed7196d28aa351c36e2b55bd-slivovitz 005.jpg


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I was not able to attend, however, was amazed at the great response on twitter, keep up the great work. Cheers!

Bottoms up!

HAHAHA The last photo says it all! How about thinking of Uzicka klekovaca next time? 12 years old?
By the way, excellent job, guys! Thanks!!!

:)shot of Sljivovica???

Cheers! Živeli!

By Ana Ivkovic (not verified) on 25 Jan 2010 #permalink

You need small glasses for rakija , these are not appropriate...

By Ana Ivkovic (not verified) on 25 Jan 2010 #permalink