Ants Vs Crabs (video)

Army ants devour a crab:

I would not like to be that crab!

[via Michael Bok]

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That's pretty crazy.

By Tyler DiPietro (not verified) on 18 Mar 2010 #permalink

Thanks for sharing...brutal man...brutal! ;-)

Now if we can replace the ants with the American People and the Crab represents Big Government..what do you think...a stretch? A visual metaphor to die for...Ha!

Since the government is "of the people", the act of American people eating big government would be an act of self-eating.

Surly Victor, what you meant to say was that the crab represents Big BUSINESS (you know, those giant corporations that care for profits over people)

Coturnix,...touche my friend :-)

Mr. Mom...85%+ of the American population is employed by small biz, so If Big Business (crab) is 'gobbled up' by smaller businesses (ants)...I'm with you ;-)