Esther Duflo: Social experiments to fight poverty (TED talk video)

Important (h/t Bride Of Coturnix):

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This is one of the four TED videos we showed (according to the TED rules a TEDx has to show original TED videos as a certain percentage of the program) at TEDxRTP back in March: When The Bride Of Coturnix posted this video on her Facebook Wall, she added this little note: "People often ask me what…
On Wednesday, Bride Of Coturnix and I went to Ignite Raleigh. There was an Ignite show in many cities around the world that night, and the one in Raleigh was one of the biggest, with 702 people in attendance, in Lincoln theater (which is far too small for such a crowd - but crowdiness made it more…
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The Bride Of Coturnix fixed a Krempita yesterday: Yummmmmmmmmmmm!