Friday Balkan Food Blogging: Krempita

The Bride Of Coturnix fixed a Krempita yesterday:


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This is what the Bride Of Coturnix fixed this week - so delicious, it disappeared within a day or two, but I managed to save the picture for posterity before everyone dug in:
[from Mom, via Bride Of Coturnix on Facebook]
Well, this was a busy week for sure (and not just yesterday's telecom outage that affected PLoS all day!). There was cleaning, and shopping, and cooking, and gathering/borrowing extra tables, chairs, plates and silverware, for that One Big Night of the year at our house - the Passover dinner. Last…

Ha! Concidence! I am on a diet that allows only certain days to have something sweet. Today is one such day (will be on fruit tomorrow all day), and I made a bit modified one as well :-)) Cheers to all Coturnix

Dear Mrs Coturnix! Congratulations!