Friday Balkan Food Blogging: Krempita

The Bride Of Coturnix fixed a Krempita yesterday:


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This is what the Bride Of Coturnix fixed this week - so delicious, it disappeared within a day or two, but I managed to save the picture for posterity before everyone dug in:
A couple of times over the past few years I tried to find if there was a Serbian restaurant in New York City, but Google could not find one. So, I gave up looking and assumed there wasn't one. And that was true - until recently. Last night at the meetup, Nikola Trbovic told me there is one now -…
Yup, I had sarma for dinner tonight. It's been a while since the last time I had some, but Mrs.Coturnix fixed it today, inventing her own recipe along the way. It was delicious!
First it was woo. Then it was Russian Brides. And now..... This funny ad from yesterday: And this one staring at me right now: '

Ha! Concidence! I am on a diet that allows only certain days to have something sweet. Today is one such day (will be on fruit tomorrow all day), and I made a bit modified one as well :-)) Cheers to all Coturnix

Dear Mrs Coturnix! Congratulations!