Welcome to the 10th edition of the Encephalon, the blog carnival of brains, minds, neurons, behavior and cognition. This was a busy week (and weekend) for me, so I decided to give up on the spectacularly difficult idea I had for creative hosting and go with a traditional style. After all, it is the contributors' posts that you came here to find, not my artistic aspirations. So, let's get right into it!

Coffee Mug, one of the bloggers on the original Gene Expression won the contest (by solving the neurotransmitter puzzle) last time I hosted The Synapse and the prize is - being highlighted first today. So, here is his contribution, Place and Plasticity: Two Views on the Hippocampus, the post you have to read first of all.

Alvaro of SharpBrains submitted three entries this week: Neurogenesis and How Learning Saves Your Neurons, Cognitive Neuroscience and ADD/ADHD Today and Cognitive Simulations for Basketball Game-Intelligence: Interview with Prof. Daniel Gopher,.

Sandy G of The Mouse Trap sent a two-part post regarding how a new kind of stroop test may help us resolve questions regarding language specificity vs domain general modesl of language: Color memory, stroop test and models of working memory and Incongruence perception and linguistic specificity: a case for a non-verbal stroop test.

The neurophilosopher from the The Neurophilosopher' weblog, the founder of this carnival, also sent two entries: 100 years of Alzheimer's Disease and Navigation neurons put monkeys on the right track.

Mary of The Thinking Meat Project gives us these two: Neurons linked to social behavior and To see ourselves as others see us.

Michael of Peripersonal Space has two posts very closely related to the title of his blog: Hands, tools, neglect and the parietal lobe and The long arm experiment.

From RDoctor comes Multiple Sclerosis. Quiz:.

I saw these two posts on The Neurocritic that I could not resist including in here as Editor's Choices: Invisible Nudes Redux and Glossolalia.

From AlphaPsy, a group blog, two posts by Olivier - The Blushing Brain and Peculiar Tastes - and one by Hugo: Who thinks the Earth is flat?

Now for a medley of picks from the Seed Magazine's sciencebloggers' blogs:

From Dave and Greta Munger of Cognitive Daily: Face recognition: Not just about processing speed and Don't let your kids read this entry (Chocolate doesn't make them hyper).

From Chris of Mixing Memory: Motivated Seeing? Motivation Affects Visual Perception and A Unified Psychology?

From Shelley Batts of Retrospectacle: Will Longer Life Leave Us All Demented? and Debunking the Myth of the Non-Echoing Duck Quack/

From Jake Young of Pure Pedantry: Janet Hyde and Marcia Linn on the Psychological Similarity between Men and Women

From Jonah Lehrer of The Frontal Cortex: The Moral Mind and Basketball Players and The Hot Hand.

From Joseph of Corpus Callosum: Effect of Night-Shift Nap on ER Residents and Nurses and General's Advice: US Needs Sexual Literacy.

From me: Development of the human sleep patterns.

And let's finish with some fun! From Sandra Porter of Discovering Biology in a Digital World: a three-part Halloween story: Tales From The Lab, part I, part II and finale.

Next week, it's time for The Synapse again, and in two weeks, Encephalon comes back at The Mouse Trap.


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