Japan Tsunami 2011 WikiFirehose or WikiReservoir?


Engaged in the tragedy in Japan unfolding since March 11, getting reliable, consistent information can seem to be an impossible task. Do you ever feel like this hapless character trying to absorb information coming in so fast and furious, it's like trying to drink from a fire hose?

Getting accurate, current information about the disaster in Japan is much easier now, with the introduction of a special "wiki" maintained by the Federation of Earth Science Information Partners. Thanks to my colleague Dr. Sheryl Beach , Associate Professor of Geography and Earth Science at George Mason University, with whom I have been working on the AAAS Science and Human Rights Coalition, for sharing this rich resource.

This treasure trove contains up to date maps, animations, curating resources and - importantly - educational resources for teachers about this event as well as aggregation sites. I think of this wiki as both a "WikiFirehose" and a "WikiReservoir," since it offers an immense amount of information that is contained, and curated, by scientists and engineers.

Below is a "snapshot" of the home page of this wiki {the live links can all be found here}. If you are a scientist or an engineer, you can share data with the site following the instructions below.

If you discover something interesting, I invite you to share it with our readers so that we can learn together. The better we understand this disaster, the more equipped we will be to help the victims and their families as well as enhance preparation for future natural disasters.

*** Do you have science data to share about the earthquake or tsunami? Create an account on this wiki and add directly, tweet to @ESIPfed or e-mail erinrobinson at esipfed dot org ****


â¢1 USGS Earthquake Resources

â¢2 NOAA Animations

â¢3 NASA Resources

â¢4 JPL/CalTech Aria

â¢5 ESRI Resources

â¢6 IRIS Earthquake Resources

â¢7 Scientist Curating Resources

â¢8 Educational Resources

â¢9 Aggregation Sites

â¢10 Pacific Disaster Center Resources

â¢11 Apps

â¢12 Science-related News

USGS Earthquake Resources


oTsunami USGS resources

oReal-time earthquake data on Google Earth KML NOAA Animations

â¢NOAA Tsunami Resources

â¢forecasts of the wave heights for Canadian and US interests - From M. Mooney

â¢Tsunami Wave Height data | KML

NASA Resources

â¢Tsunami map NASA Earth Observatory

â¢Quake-related imagery NASA Earth Observatory

â¢NASA HQ imagery

JPL/CalTech Aria

Preliminary GPS displacement data (version 0.1) provided by the ARIA team at JPL and Caltech. All Original GEONET RINEX data provided to Caltech by the Geospatial Information Authority (GSI) of Japan:

â¢ARIA Data showing Japan shift

â¢FTP site with data

ESRI Resources

â¢ESRI map of earthquakes with links to Flickr and YouTube images/videos

â¢Latest ESRI Maps

IRIS Earthquake Resources


oSeismic Monitor

oIRIS Earthquake Browser

oIRIS E&O Teachable Moments -- Links to products, animations, and information

oEvent Plot Product Suite

oUSArray Ground Motion Visualization

oWILBER event data browser

â¢IRIS Event Page for Japanese Earthquake

Scientist Curating Resources

â¢Dr. Ron Schott's recent resources Geologist, Professor, Information Junkie - Follow me @rschott too!

â¢List of Geologist Tweeps Tx Ron!

â¢Dr. Elli Goeke Resources for Class | Additional Resources from Elli

â¢Earthquake Geospatial Research Portal

â¢SCRIPPS Oceanographic Inst

oScripts photos of tsunami surge at Nimitz Marine Facility @Scripps Ocean

oArray Network Facility EarthScope

Educational Resources

â¢SERC links for tsunamis & earthquakes:

otsunamis (both general & specific) including visualization suggestions

oearthquakes (general & specific) including visualization of earthquakes & plate tectonics

â¢NSTA Earthquake Ed resources

Aggregation Sites

â¢CrisisCommons Wiki - Honshu Quake

â¢Wikipedia: 2011 Sendai earthquake and tsunami

â¢Openstreetmap.org: 2011 Sendai earthquake and tsunami

â¢Google Crisis Response: 2011 Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami

â¢shinsaihatsu local aggregator

â¢Crisis Mappers link spreadsheet

â¢Earthquake Geospatial Research Portal

â¢Weather Channel aggregation

â¢Earthquake Disaster Site sinsai.info Kita Azuma

â¢Earth science data from GEO

Pacific Disaster Center Resources

â¢Tsunami Hazard Resources

â¢Tsunami Awareness Kit

â¢Global Hazards Atlas


Global Hazards Atlas


â¢Twitter Earthquake Detector

â¢Google People-finder

â¢Pacific Disaster Center "Disaster Alert" Mobile App for iOS and Android OS

â¢ESRI Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Incident Map

Science-related News

â¢Science Daily Geologists in the UK Trace Readings from Japan Earthquake

â¢Scientific America Japanese Correspondent

â¢#JPEQ News

â¢CNN Coverage

â¢Discovery Slide Show Tsunami Damage

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