Should I Sell my Car for NY Giants Season Tickets?

MetLife Stadium: NY Giants vs. Washington Redskins, Dec. 18, 2011 (my own photo.)

This may be a sign of football withdrawal syndrome, but the day after the NY Giants won the Super Bowl I was searching for 2012 season tickets (more on that later.) I was reminiscing about last December when I took my son to his first professional football game at MetLife stadium. It was a bright, freezing cold day and the stadium was packed with more than 80,000 fans. The NY Giants were having a bad day battling the Washington Redskins; several times the announcer excitedly reported "Touchdown!" followed quickly by taking it away due to a penalty.

From USA Today:

On third down, Manning threw and apparent touchdown to D.J. Ware, but the call was overruled upon review, setting up a 4th-and-2. Then, Nicks' touchdown grab was nullified due to a holding penalty on David Diehl. On 4th-and-long, Manning was sacked, bringing to end the woeful series.

You can watch the highlights here.

Rex Grossman threw for a TD, and the Redskins put a hurt on the Giants and their playoff hopes with a 23-10 victory on Sunday.

By the third quarter, the score was NY Giants 3, Redskins 20. Despite dismal prospects for a win, my son and I were having a great time. For most fans, it was a different story; they were yelling insults at the NY Giants, and worse, almost our entire section emptied before the third quarter was over. I wonder how many of those same "fans" enjoyed the Super Bowl? At the end of the game, the Giant's record was 7 wins, 7 losses. Winning the Super Bowl after such an underwhelming record must be one of the great turnaround stories in sports! Woeful series, indeed.

Back to those season tickets, not for mere mortals, it turns out. Being sentimental, I wanted to get the same seats. First, I would need to purchase two Personal Seat Licenses, at $12,500 each - $25,000 total, to support the construction of the new stadium at a cost of $1.6 billion. Then the price of the tickets are fixed at $500 each per home game. Since I am far from a "one percenter," that's not going to happen. I suppose I could sell my car - who needs it, right? No wonder so many fans watch the games at home!

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