Chasing Stephen Hawking


Imagine spending a day with the brilliant physicist Stephen Hawking. What would you ask him? Guess who did, on St. Patrick's Day?

The up and coming science journalist Cara Santa Maria. I'm looking forward to learning about their discussion. Stay tuned.

Wonderful St. Patrick's Day with the most brilliant, inspirational man on the planet.

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Where will I be able to hear this? Really looking forward to it!

By Navigator (not verified) on 18 Mar 2012 #permalink


I agree with you and your source for this comment Prof.Hawking. The illusion of knowledge results from keep-repeating an outdated belief-system. These days I keep hearing the TV pundits and the political candidates wishing for economic growth and looking out for price raises in the real-estate and stock markets for signs of economic-recovery.
I believe the real-knowledge perhaps is in understanding that the future of the economic-recovery is, in measuring the shift of emphasis in the societal-relations, to unmeasured-categories that make-up the post 20th-century value-system.