Yikes. I'm in the Cone again!


Corpus Christi is in the center of Hurricane Ike's projected trajectory. He's coming at us like a fastball over home plate. This is a bit scarier than being on the periphery of the strike zone. TAMU-CC started issuing updates yesterday. One scientific expedition is recalled.

If there's anything good that came out of Katrina it's better hurricane preparedness in the Gulf of Mexico. Should the storm bear down on us, we'll shutter up the house, pack up the car, and head for hill country in Austin, TX. My wife can drive while I crunch data and the kids fall asleep in the back. Right. I wonder what happened to Kevin and his family?

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It's probably because I spent far too many years getting tired of dry, dusty climates, but I'm finding myself strangely disappointed that the storm is swinging so far south and missing us (here in the Lake Conroe area of Texas...)

Does this make me a Bad Person, or just crazy?

No sweat there sonny, trends bein trends this will probably end up runnin into Pesce or Brownsville and all you'll get is a few showers and a waterspout or two. Then aqain it could swing back a bit more northerly and trash Galveston, nahhh dog likes Galveston cuz it's close to Houston and Houston has so many mega-churches nothin bad could ever happen there. On third thought make some reservations in a Best Western in San Marcus NOW and if the storm does look like it's gunna trash Corpus get out in plenty of time. I was there for Celia and there ain't a lot of protection from the sea once the surge overtops the jetty.

By BlindRobin (not verified) on 09 Sep 2008 #permalink