Farewell, Sciborg

i-b57ca5d54020edc9f44cdccc22f07dab-peter_etnoyer_farewell_sciborg.jpgFarewell, Scienceblogs. This will be my last post at SB's DSN. It's a little sad for me, because I kinda feel like I grew up here. Since I started blogging, I had two little girls, moved from Los Angeles to Texas, bought a house, and enrolled in a PhD program. Since moving to ScienceBlogs, I completed my coursework, passed qualifiers, and started writing my dissertation. So, it can be done! Don't let that cranky luddite professor discourage you. There's always time for ScienceBlogs.

To ScienceBlogs, thank you for inviting us and nurturing us here. This is a unique gathering. The community taught me alot about science, and scientists, and community itself, and I am thankful. I learned about the battle we face, and about our new place in society, and how we need to be ready to fight for science, and frame things. Seriously, we're redefining a new medium together. ScienceBlogs is a great place to be.

Before we sail I want to give a shout out to the awesome staff. They really are the best at what they do, pioneering a new, more informed media with the power to change and to grow. Thank you Ginny, Katherine, Tim, and Adam. You keep the lights on. It was wonderful to be a part of this. Thanks to DSN readers and co-bloggers. You lift us up. Craig and Kevin, you drive us deeper. Rock on. I'll see you on the other side.

Please, everyone, join us as we seek a new adventure at Discovery Earth.

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Glad to see you move up and on in the big old bad world.

In high school, I wanted to be an oceanographer (whatever the hell that is). Like you, I wanted to be able to earn a living swimming around in the ocean (I earned my NAUI certification at 16). Looking into it, I learned that I first needed a speciality (biology, geology, chemistry, etc.) as an undergrad and then I could go to grad school at an appropriate institution of very higher learning. Reading your blog entries (as well as others) has given me a sense of where that career choice might have taken me.

I got a BA in geology but was sucked into the oil boom of the '70s. When the patch was done chewing me up, it spat me out and I became a high school earth/space science teacher. Go figure.

Best of luck to you. It looks like things are falling your way.