Sailfish Appreciation Day

i-03c5cb43da282f7cb197bc76ad10b278-Sailfish_sm.jpgGrrlScientist is having a sailfish appreciation day over at Living the Scientific Life. She's posting hot links to the online story at National Geographic about their cooperative fish herding techniques. Its really amazing.

I trolled a "maori-style" sailfish image that could make a nice tattoo. It's shown here on a t-shirt from Google images.

Sailfish are "oceanodromous", which means they occur widely throughout the world's oceans, live and migrate wholly in the sea. As opposed to anadromous fish, like salmon, which migrate to freshwater to spawn; or catadromous eels, like Anguilla sp., which migrate to saltwater to spawn.

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That was me. I agree, too angular on the dorsal fin, but still "in the style of Maori", don't you think?