Tricked out hurricane websites


Naturally, one of the favorite pastimes here in the Cone of Probability is to monitor as many websites as possible for different forecasts and projections of Hurricane Ike. The more the models stray away from Corpus Christi the less anxious you feel. Currently three models veer to the north before landfall, so CC has a small chance of escaping the storm.

The image above is from my favorite hurricane web interface so far, called Stormpulse. It's full screen, and very interactive, almost like a video game. If you're looking for in-depth analysis, grab a cup a' joe and dig in to Jeff Masters WunderBlog. It's a great resource from a PhD storm chaser. Jeff predicted a chain of atmospheric disturbances following Gustav two weeks ago. For Ike, he overlays the trajectory on maps of heat potential, which is very cool.

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wow that Stormpulse is pretty slick! I love that you can go back through all the historic storms as well! Looking at the 1900 hurricane, or the '38 storm.

Hey this is really interesting, thanks for putting such great stuff up!