Shameless self-promotion

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Is this for real Tim? If so congratulations. Watch out you don't allow yourself to become another Jeff Harvey...a chest-thumping pillar of arrogance and superiority. ;)

There's ironic of Mack/Spot/Karen, turning up on a thread called "Shameless self promotion".

*a chest-thumping pillar of arrogance and superiority*

Really? Moi? Just because I think you and your fellow climate change deniers are a bunch of vacuous hicks doesn't mean I think of myself as arrogantly being superior. Its my opinion. And evidently its shared by the majority of those writing into Deltoid.

Perhaps you ought to link up with our brilliant Swedish - whatever he does (not science of course) and his band of sychophants. Heck, Jonas claims to be able to separate real bonafide scientists from imposters, even though its apparent he's never been near a science lab in his life. His 'team' of slavish follower4s, who appear to track him tirelessly on the internet, routinely smear and denigrate academics they don't like who have years of experience. But hey Mack, that's not arrogant in your book, is it? Calling Mann a 'clown', that's fine and dandy, even though the person responsible (PentaxZ) has also no relevant qualifications. But who needs em, eh? Read a few blogs, a book or two, and one becomes an instant expert whose understanding of complex fields like climate science well exceeds scholars with many years of training in the field.

Smearing Mann, Hansen, Trenberth et al? Par for the course innit? No arrogance or superiority required!

Seriously, the more you quacks write, the more nutty you look.

By Jeff Harvey (not verified) on 21 Sep 2012 #permalink

"myself as arrogantly being superior."

It's merely a fact.

Although saying someone is superior to KMS or the other denialtrolls is rather at risk of being damning by faint praise.

"Seriously, the more you quacks write, the more nutty you look" Yeah Jeff, and every time you point your finger at us with these comments you don't realise that 3 fingers are pointing back at you.

Mack gives those smearing scientists a free pass, but it comes to scientists reiterating in kind, then all hell breaks loose.


By Jeff Harvey (not verified) on 22 Sep 2012 #permalink

Mack. You are a delusional idiot. Why don't you go back to reading comic books and playing with your mittwit dolls and let the grown ups have a discussion.

Alternatively I hear that here are some UWA cognitive psychologists looking for lab rats - you fit the bill perfectly.

"you don’t realise that 3 fingers are pointing back at you."

Nope, the three other fingers are curled round.

They're pointing (if I use my right hand) to the right of me.

Maybe your genetic similarity to the simian species induced by your maternal forebear's dalliance with said species that inculcated your emergence into the world has meant that your manual dexterity, the consequence of hominid evolution to a lifestyle with more tool use and less swinging about in trees, has been regressed to a less evolved state along the human specie deviation from their ancient ancestrat forma.


Your last post completely confirms what I said about 'quacks' and 'nutters'. Thanks for the verification. No go back to your meds.

By Jeff Harvey (not verified) on 22 Sep 2012 #permalink

Yeah Jeff, and every time you point your finger at us with these comments you don’t realise that 3 fingers are pointing back at you.

Mack, the difference between you and Jeff is like the difference between Cartman and Desmond Tutu ... "superior" does not even begin to describe the gulf between you.

Ah Tim, Eli thinks someone is into thread hijacking.

But to the points

a. Would it really help
b. Endorse by a bunny?

By Eli Rabett (not verified) on 23 Sep 2012 #permalink

Why would we want to nominate you for this award, Tim? I don't know anything about your teaching excellence.

And I know this will come across the wrong way, but this blog has not exactly been a clarion for investigative journalism for at least the past year. It seems you put very little effort into Deltoid.

By Gingerbaker (not verified) on 24 Sep 2012 #permalink

Modesty isn't your strong suit, is it, Ginge.

"Why would we want... I don’t know anything..."

It seems you put very little effort into Deltoid.

That's it, gb, kick the disabled while they're down. You and "the gimp factor" Wow ought to get along famously.

Ginger, context is important. It's generally best to check before barging in...

I'll recommend you....

...on the grounds that you must be doing actual real supervisory work as the reason for not posting here on a more regular basis ;)

inane, you're a mental gimp.

Let's not be indecorous please, gentlemen.

But he started it!


to return to business, Tim, want to say anything about what is going on here?

By Eli Rabett (not verified) on 25 Sep 2012 #permalink

"That’s it, gb, kick the disabled while they’re down."

Sorry, if I have put my foot in it. Is the blog author ill? Please enlighten me - it would take fewer keystrokes than clever insults.

By Gingerbaker (not verified) on 26 Sep 2012 #permalink

Why should we care? I don't know anything about you.

(see what I did there?)

But he started it! :-P

Not even true. As I noted before, Wow resembles the right wingers in his refusal to take responsibility for his own actions.

Did too, inane.

YOU started it:
September 25, 3:31 am

You resemble the fundie deniers, blatantly lying when it's so easy to refute. Because it isn't about what is right, it is about YOU being right and EVERYONE you don't like being WRONG.

Caustic hate.


Why should we care? I don’t know anything about you.

(see what I did there?)

Yeah, I see what you did there. You were deliberately being an asshole. The brilliance is dazzling.

Anyone want to show me a post in the past year where the author of this blog explains why he is a great teacher or why we should reasonably expect he put in no more than one hour a month on blog posts?

Cause most of what I see are open threads, posts which describe posts from other blogs, and a whole lot of commenters who mark their territory with snark.

By Gingerbaker (not verified) on 27 Sep 2012 #permalink

What Prof. Tim has done is, over many years, built a community and acted as an intermediary between the science and the public through it. Many of the long time commenters here have established areas of trust and expertise (Jeff, Bernard and others that Eli has, as part of the great conspiracy, omitted because they are undercover. Did you realize that Girma is really Mike Roddy?? and has succeeded in his mission to make climate change denial look crazy). Deltoid was Real Climate before Real Climate, Tamino before Tamino, and, lest we forget, Tim has gathered the best collection of trolls ever seen on climate blogs, and wow, to an extent tamed them.

Ok, Tim Lambert is on hiatus, but the good will remains and it has been interesting how the core group has kept the tone of the blog.

By Eli Rabett (not verified) on 27 Sep 2012 #permalink

"You were deliberately being an asshole."

Given I was doing exactly what you did, what does that say about your frist post?

YOU started it:

That wasn't the beginning, you dishonest jackass.

“You were deliberately being an asshole.”

Given I was doing exactly what you did,

I said in that thread that we were both being assholes, and you said only I was. Now you change your story just to try to make your point. You're a dishonest piece of shit, pure and simple.

Oops, I got the quotes mixed up. I thought Wow was admitting that he was being an asshole in the previous exchange where he denied it ... I guess he'll never do that. Carry on.

blah blah blah blah.

Got anything other than "you're a meanie therefore I'm not"?

Got anything other than dishonesty? I never said I'm not a meanie, but you HAVE said that you're not a meanie because I am. So fuck you, because you're as morally corrupt as any teabagger.

Still trolling, inane?

You're no better than Karen.

Wow and ianam, since I know both of you think highly about my wisdom, please let me know if you want me to sort things out for you.

By Olaus Petri (not verified) on 29 Sep 2012 #permalink

Olap, you can't sort socks.

Wow, so you and ianam share socks. I suggest you sort them out privately (at your place) and stop sharing your domestic troubles with Deltoid.

That one was on the house. ;-)

By Olaus Petri (not verified) on 29 Sep 2012 #permalink

You're responding to me.

Nobody knows what you intend to gain from that.

Wow, the only thing in it for me is the pure pleasure of helping a couple in distress that has forgotten how to communicate IRL.

Turn off the screens, twirl the chairs around, and look each other in the eyes.

Its probably that easy.

By Olaus Petri (not verified) on 29 Sep 2012 #permalink

Maybe Santa will bring you a brain for christmas, Olap, for being so "nice".

Tim Lambert,

Regarding Shameless Self Promotion, thought you & the gang might appreciate what Tom Harris is up to these days.

"It is misleading for IANVS to write concerning my article on the serious flaws in the climate science poll last week, “And that from the Executive Director of the International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC), another climate change denier PR org… etc."…

Pheeew, bit warm round here, don'cha think? It must be the heat from all those 'Ya Boo Sucks' comments because it surely doesn't come from global warming, according to the Met Office which now admits there hasn't been any worth a bucket of spit for the last 16 years.

By David Duff (not verified) on 21 Oct 2012 #permalink

Error bars on that estimate, Duffski?

Good old Duffer, never fearless in letting us know what grade of shit from the lowest sewer depths he prefers to believe.

One can only guess at the ineptitude of his 'talks' if thry're conducted with the same level of 'research' .

Oh, and just to rub further salt in your already puss-dripping wounds Duffbag, the arctic ice melt record happened this year while your nitwit gurus were telling you that temperatures flat-lined 16 years ago.

The only people left to spread your easily disproved disinfo to are mental patients, the illiterate and hermits who haven't read a (reputable) news report recently. UKIP, the BNP and similar disregarded others who treat the GWPF seriously, basically.

David Duff.

I've just commented on the Open thread but what I said is just as relevant to your ridiculous obfuscation of the truth above.

I made a comment about Jones over on Skeptical Science which is relevant to your own comment.

And I'm getting thoroughly sick and tired of reminding Idiot Servants of Denialism about the issue of signal versus noise, but it's probably worth pointing these Criminals Against Humanity and Biology to the response by Tamino and especially to Ron Broberg's post at the Whiteboard which is posted in the comments at Tamino's.

If you can demonstrate any scientific evidence to support the stupid contention that warming has ceased now's the time to put it on the table.

By Bernard J. (not verified) on 21 Oct 2012 #permalink

"never fearless in letting us know what grade of shit from the lowest sewer depths he prefers to believe."

Now look here, Chek, that is no way to speak of Her Majesty's Royal Met Office inc.!

And it's no good you lot having a go at me, I'm only repeating what the Met Office said, and they weren't, to use Chek's ineffable language, "shit" when they were telling us how warm it was getting and you lot were all happily wallowing in it, were they?

By David Duff (not verified) on 22 Oct 2012 #permalink

Duff's shameless politically-driven trolling has reached a sad new low, as, like the incorrigible liar, thin-skinned fraud and pretend journalist David Rose (hi David, thanks for reading!), he's cherry-picking quotes and ignoring the context.

No, it's worse than that. He's paraphrasing cherry-picked quotes, so the words mean whatever he wants them to mean.

Hilariously you don't have to look back too far to find Duff accusing Deltoid commenters of cherry-picking Rose quotes. As Duff hypocritically banged out at the time, "Ah, what a difference two little words can make!"

One wonders if Rose is right, then why is he so defensive? At least he admits to cherrypicking a convenient starting point. A rare piece of honesty from a duplicitous liar.

Still haven't got any error bars on your evidence, Duffski.

Obviously what you're doing is NOT SCIENCE, since you assert 100% proof when everyone knows that science doesn't ever give you 100% proof.

Duff agrees with you Wow. In fact, in 2010 he wrote:

I have no scientific qualification to make any claim on this subject[.]

As we now know, it is completely acceptable to cherrypick an agreeable quote and thus divorce it of its actual meaning.

"it surely doesn’t come from global warming, according to the Met Office which now admits there hasn’t been any"

"I’m only repeating what the Met Office said"

I'm sure we're all looking forward to your references for those comments Duffer, and not regurgitations of Rose's fanciful inventions along with his equally fictitious buried 'reports'.

You're still an idiot, David.

David Duff.

See your general practitioner urgently. You're advancing rapidly to serious dementia.

By Bernard J. (not verified) on 22 Oct 2012 #permalink