December 2016 Open Thread

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"Wow – “catastrophic-only climate scenarios”

Oh, I see it now…"


Found the p! This is working!!

No g. This is harder than I thought. Damn you are good Wow...

"This is harder than I thought. "

Yes, it is.

stu - "I’m not interested thanks all the same - "

Wow - "Liar"

So now you know when someone is interested or not? If he said he wasn't interested in having a piece of cake, would you call him a liar because he had a piece of cake before?

You see, it's a piece of cake to prove how retarded you are...

The old liar liar pants on fire tactic.....this must an example of that greater intelligence you were talking about.


No, the link to where the proof of my claim is tactic.

It's what we adults do when we make a claim and have easy access to the evidence for it.

Only your link doesn't explain or prove your claim. Sort of like when you make a claim and then use your claim as evidence for your claim...

But if you want to play that game, I'll play....

You're retarded.

How do I know that?

See above where it says you're retarded.

No, because it is meant for someone who can use their reasoning.

Since you're already a liar, you don't want to accept the evidence of that, and you will therefore ignore it.

If you can, look at what you claimed was said and what the link shows was said.

If they are not the same,then you were lying.

That was Abbot and Costello playing the game.
I realise you're spoiling for a fight and trying everything you can to tempt me into a conversation like that.
I'm not interested thanks all the same.
But Betula is.
It's nearly as funny as the A & C skit.

Wow - "If you can, look at what you claimed was said "

I don't claim it, you said it...."Liar".

Wow - "and what the link shows was said"

No lying.

Conclusion - You're a retarded liar.