By request, the glowing cheeseburger LOL cat

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It justs gets weirder and weirder. moar funny pictures You can find more of the story and more puppy pictures here. H/T to Jennifer - one of erv's commeters.
Reposted in honor of the "glow in the dark" kitty clones. Last year, I wrote about photographs of jellyfish that were altered by newspapers, scientific publishers, science education companies, and me (for the purpose of the article) to make it look like the jellyfish glowed. Those jellyfish do…
I've heard that all cats are grey in the dark, but I guess that's no longer true in New Orleans. Scientists at the Audubon Center for Research of Endangered Species have made a cloned kitty that glows lime green. Some of you already know my fascination with glowing fish, fluorescent cats, and…
This video from WDSU shows Mr. Green Genes, the transgenic kitty, in the dark and in the light. There's also an interview with Dr. Betsy Dresser, who very briefly talks about the work at the Audubon Center for Research on Endangered Species. Other than clips of the cat, and Dr. Dresser, the…

LOLZ. you should link this up to the related post.

By Skeptic4u (not verified) on 12 Dec 2007 #permalink

Really lovely,its name is Van cats living in turkiye van lake city

I love it its a beautiful thing how do I get one

By Dan Glover (not verified) on 22 Oct 2008 #permalink