Cat in the Hat sits on a throne of Lies!

My kids like books. Especially when they are going to bed. I let my daughter pick a book and she picked "Clam-I-am. All About the BEACH" by Trish Rabe. It is nice, it rhymes. The pictures are pretty. Then I get to this page:


So, the ocean is blue because of the sky? How do you get green oceans? How about brown (I live in Louisiana, trust me - the gulf of Mexico can be brown)? What about when you are underwater, everything looks blue. The best answer to why the ocean is blue is that that is what color does not get absorbed. All colors of light interact with the water. Reds are mostly absorbed, the blue gets scattered.

[Here is a better explanation from the Library of Congress](

Would it be so hard to have someone look over the science in a book? I would do it if they asked.

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