VPython 5.0 is out - why am I so happy?

VPython 5.0 is mostly out (in release candidate). To tell you the truth, I have been holding off on some vpython programs because I wanted to do them in the NEW vpython, not the OLD vpython. So, if you want to get the new vpython, go to http://vpython.org/index5.html. What is so great about VPython 5.0? Here a couple of things:

  • Runs in Mac OS X without X11. Maybe this isn't that big of a deal, but it makes me happy. If you don't use OS X, I guess this doesn't matter.
  • Textures. You can map textures and images onto objects. This won't really help with the calculations, but it will make things look pretty.
  • Lighting. Again - just a visual thing.

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Me too, about the holding off writing programs until I get the new version. I am happy not to need X11 anymore...and very glad to not have to compile with fink! I've been getting excellent propaganda for a few weeks about the awesomeness of vpython 5 (from Bruce Sherwood) so I am very ready for it!

Bummer, my graphics card is not good enough to take full advantage of vpython5! Oh well, there are still advantages.