Back UP! Wow, that was painful.

I don't know if you noticed, but this blog has been down almost a week. Several things happened. First, I was hosted by Lunarpages. That didn't go so well. They ARE cheap, but maybe that is for a reason. I won't really go into details except to say that they have CPU limits, but you can't really see your usage.

The next problem was that I decided to move to slicehost. Slicehost basically gives you a virtual linux server, but you have to do all the servery stuff. I thought I was up to the task, but apparently not. Setting up a linux server (to me) is like trying to put together a LEGO x-wing fighter kit with 40 similar (but different) instruction books. I know enough to follow instructions, but if there is any small problem, I am doomed.

In the end, it sure is nice to have a brother that knows what he is doing. Even then, there were problems. If the me of the past could read future blogs: "Hey Rhett - remember to delete the server cache after you move." I hope past-Rhett gets the message.

Ok. I am back. I have lots of catching up to do. It's good to be back.

PS: Neil, I owe you some beer or something.


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You owe your brother a major tat .... just-sayin.

PS Let me know if you need any help with Python.

PPS Thanks for the router IP tip.