SI/USGS Weekly Volcano Activity Report for 3/25-31/2009

For those of you looking for real volcanic eruption news (no, there was no "Yellowstone eruption"), here is this week's SI/USGS Volcano Activity Report.

And speaking of April Fools Jokes, this is by far my favorite (mostly by its combination of volcanoes and baseball. How could you go wrong with two of my favorite things - hat tip to Fletcher for finding the article).

Highlights (beyond Redoubt) include:

  • Earthquakes, tremors and steam at El Reventador in Ecuador
  • 12,000-15,000 foot (4-5 km) steam/ash plumes were spotted at Colima, the Mexican volcano.
  • A shockwave was felt 10 km away from Fuego in Guatemala, accompanied by ~4 km ash plumes and explosions.
  • Increased seismicity and small steam plumes from Anak Krakatau.
  • Lahars and 5-6 km ash columns from Tungurahua in Ecuador.

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