EXPELLED EXPOSED: Gratuitous PCM shot!!

Guess you all have heard by now Yoko lost (EMIs suit is still pending). Ah well, Yoko is appealing, this will go on forever, but this case reminded me of another part of Yellow 'Inner Life' that I wanted to blog about.

See, what I found odd about EXPELLEDs use of 'Imagine' is that it is completely gratuitous. Its like going on a rant about the lyrics to an Amy Grant song in the middle of a documentary about schizophrenia. I mean, you could draw a tenuous line through an Amy Grant lyric and Christianity and how they deal with mental illness, but really? Kind of an odd tangent.

Thus I was reminded of a funny part of 'Inner Life' the Discovery Institute/Premise chose to steal.

The gratuitous PCM SHOT!! WHOOOOOOO!!!

One thing that made me do a double-take while watching 'Inner Life' was the rather detailed centrioles/centrosome/pericentriolar region (the circle looking thing in the background):

I thought it was odd because it was gratuitous. Everything else in 'Inner Life' had a clear reason... but this wasnt an animation about cell division... and thats kinda the 'point' of centrosomes. Centrosomes are made of two centrioles, surrounded by an amorphous blob of pericentriolar goop, where gamma tubulin is anchored, so cells can split in two when they divide. Yay! But why the heck did they bother putting those in 'Inner Life'? The plot was on how an immune cell moves to a site of infection. Huh.

Ah well! Their movie! Animate it however they want!



But then I saw 'Yellow Inner Life'. And what golden sun is rising above the horizon? Peeking up over the same nucleus, the same Golgi pulsating, the same mitochondria drifting lazily by, the same tubulin streaking across the shot?

Why, its our gratuitous friend the centriole! Now, how the heck did that happen?

Oh thats right! Michael Behe discovered all of these 'molecular machines' in cells when he 'looked through a microscope'. No wonder! Thats how all these cell parts look!


LOLZ! They didnt just copy errors. They didnt just copy someone elses artistic ideas. They also mindlessly copied gratuitous portions of 'Inner Life' because theyre IDiots mining for TARDS.


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The judge is supposed to rule on Ono/EMIs suit some time this week. This reminds me of one of the best scenes from one of the best movies with the best music: The Good-- David Bolinski. Dude just trying to defend the honor of his company after William Dembski and his grimy 'Christian' bandits…

I'm going to give this a LOL and declare it full of win.

This seems to be the overriding pattern of creationists and ID proponents: a cheap suit (purdy videos) adorning their idiocy and outright lies. Just enough to confuse people for a little until they're inevitably found out.

You just have to wonder, though: have they ever successfully forwarded this kind of nonsense, or do they always fail this hard?

By Shirakawasuna (not verified) on 02 Jun 2008 #permalink


Stupid IDers are stupid. I noticed that when I first saw the yellow version. That, and the pulsating golgi, really jumped out at me because they also did when I watched real Inner Life.

By shadow1515 (not verified) on 02 Jun 2008 #permalink

I was over-exposed to Amy Grant as a child. Then, with a lot of hard work, I walled that part of my psyche off and buried it deep in some Jungian well or something.

Now, thanks to the Amy Grant link, it's free again. In my brain. Eating it like so many botfly larvae.

One day, I'll find you. I will put a tiny little speaker in your pillow, and when you awaken with "That's What Love is For" stuck in your head, you'll know that I have wrought my awful revenge upon you.

"One day, I'll find you. I will put a tiny little speaker in your pillow, and when you awaken with "That's What Love is For" stuck in your head, you'll know that I have wrought my awful revenge upon you."

When you get caught, just tell them that the voices made you do it.

Umm... correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't centrosomes an important nucleation point for cytoplasmic microtubules in interphase? I only have an undergrads grasp of the cytoskeleton, but I thought they were important in maintaining microtubule polarity (so that if you find a microtubule you can be pretty sure that going one way will take you to the nucleus and the other will take you to the cell surface).

I mean, they're pretty important for mitosis, but that doesn't mean that's all they do.

I love the way you put a beautiful word like "pericentriolar" adjacent to "goop"....

Presumably these are advanced scientific terms...;)

Nothing is more scientific than the term "goop." Just look at how descriptive it is, you already know that if it's touchable (IE. not inside your cells or you), you probably don't want to touch it anyways. Just from the word alone you have an understanding of it's texture and viscosity amongst other things. A guess at it's color at least, since there's only so many colors that evoke thoughts of something being goop. Just think of the advancements that could be made if all scientists started using goop regularly in their reports.

Ok, joking aside, Expelled has stolen yet another animation. Is there anything at all left in this movie that isn't either complete BS or stolen? Maybe that question should better read "is there anything in the movie that isn't complete BS and also stolen" though given everything that's been going on with it.

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"Goop" is to science as "gorked" is to medicine (it's a term hospitals use to describe someone who's really loopy on medication--one of my favorite words ever).

Just for you, Dustin:
"When I start to sing the blues,
You put on my dancing shoes,
O Baby you could be so good for me."

@ #5-- My understanding of this stuff is also undergrad level ;) But Ill do some more investigation for us both!

"Charles Darwin thought they were just blobs of goo!"