Arnies long-lost cousin

Since Arnie was a street dog when I found him, his parentage has always been in question. It doesnt help that he is a 'pit bull', which could mean any number of things-- line up 50 'pit bulls' and you will get short-and-stout to long-and-lean and everything in between. Black, white, red, big spots, small spots, brown with black stripes, black with brown stripes, everything. 'Pit bulls' are like a Dr. Seuss book.

Arnies round, doe-eyes and alligator smile definitely put him in the 'pit' camp, but his ears/profile are rather labrador-ish, and I think from watching this obedience training video that Arnie almost certainly has boxer in him as well:

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Hahahahahahahahaha. Thanks ERV.

Listens about as well as my dog.


My dog Rorschach has some boxer in him and he looks like pit bull to nearly everyone who meets him for the first time. And he's just as smart as this little genius ;)

By Rob Monkey (not verified) on 09 Apr 2010 #permalink

What a hoot! Like all dogs, that fellow is probably quite willing to obey commands. When he feels like listening. I loved the commentary.

HalfMooner-- When he feels like listening.

Arnie behaves differentially depending on what I call him:
'Arnie'/'baby' - Behaves if he feels like it. If hes having fun, forget about it
'Arnold'/'boy' - Higher 'behave':'command' ratio. Improves if goodies are also involved.
'ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER!!!!' - Instantly recognizes and responds to all commands.

Weirdly enough, ERV's last post was an exact quote from Maria Shriver in an interview I just can't seem to find at the moment . . . ;)

By Rob Monkey (not verified) on 12 Apr 2010 #permalink

'ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER!!!!' - Instantly recognizes and responds to all commands.


Give the Schwarzenpup scritches for me, eh?