Saturday Shillery: Goody Spin Pins

Lets say you are a super hero. You are in cognito at this huge fancy party the Mayor is throwing, and you get word that one of the party guests is really a mad scientist/evil genius whos about to do something really mad/evil. You can stop them, but the mad scientist/evil genius is in cognito too. How do you pick them out of the crowd?

One handy physical identifier of a mad scientist/evil genius is their crazy hair*.

Go on, Google Image 'mad scientist'.

We have crazy hair.

Its not just the antisocial aspect of it (dont touch me), but we just dont have time for this sort of thing. My last haircut was sometime last September or October. I remember back in March thinking "Ugh, I need to get a haircut." And then in May when it got really hot I was like "Shit. I need to get a hair cut." Finally, today, at the end of July, I got another hair cut.

But a problem I had March-->today was what to do with my crazy compound Mormon-length hair. Certainly cant wear it down at work. Braids look dowdy. Pony-tails got saggy. I loved doing a Lara Croft braid, but that gets old. What I really would have loved to do was wrap all my hair up in a chignon, but my hair is so fine and super thick, all the bobby-pins in the world wouldnt hold it.


SPIN CLIPS by Goody are freaking amazing
*! Check out YouTube-- Chicks are freaking out over these things, with good reason. So, once again, I had creepy compound Mormon-length hair. Super fine. Super thick. These two stupid little clips kept my hair in a bun not only through an entire day of work, but through 45 minutes of boxing! With no ponytail holder or any other hair apparatus. I tried them several times to make sure the boxing thing wasnt a fluke-- But it wasnt. These are two tough little stupid clips.

So now I have a nice normal haircut again, and Ive got spin clips, so I can blend seamlessly into crowds :-D YAY!!

* DOES NOT WORK for bald mad scientists/evil geniuses.

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us bald/balding mad scientists are always on the outside looking in :(

Speaking as one, scientists with shaved heads always turn out to be evil too. So as a superhero, just throw anyone who doesn't have the sort of hair that would allow them to run for president out a window... just to be safe. ;)

You may all envy my official major-corporation business card titled "Mad Scientist." No shit. Awesome promotion present, boss who understands.

Oh, hair? Not bald enough yet to do Lex Luthor without assistance, so my "haircut" involves an electric shaver. Wonderful tool, esp. in summer. Gotta admit that ski season has drawbacks but once the ice crusts on the beard it gets cozy again.

By D. C. Sessions (not verified) on 24 Jul 2010 #permalink

Another good alternative to bobby pins are Good Hair Days Pins. I got mine at Sally Beauty Supply. Hairsticks are also very useful once you get the hang of them. I've been wanting to try the Goody Spin Pins, but I keep forgetting to look for them.

By rienzi0711 (not verified) on 24 Jul 2010 #permalink

Or did I just not get it?

Well, JohnV, let's be honest; the cue-ball mad scientist just has to add world-wide depilation to the list of goals. You know:

1. World Domination
2. Showing those fools at the Institute
3. Revenge against Agent 19
4. Make everyone bald like me.

No sense whining when you can do something about it.

Hey bald guys can be on the cutting edge of science too.

Don't forget Dr. Evil and his bio-icthiology quest to get "sharks with frigging laser beams".

Abbie - BTW - Thanks for the hair pin advice. I have forwarded a link to an appropriate party.

I much prefer ScissorsTM, for that 'looks like you cut it yourself' look.

ZOMFG! I'd never get those things out of my hair.

One braid in back, for cell culture and gross anatomy teaching days, gym, swim, and riding. Not stylish, but works for me (= not stylish).

Didn't know you boxed. The Bride boxes. Lawyers are inherently evil. You should start a Ladies Legion of Doom or something.

Some of my friends have Big Love hair, I get them hollow stainless steel chop sticks at the Vietnamese mega grocery store on Military in Okc. Stylish AND deadly...I think they are four bucks for a pack of six.

They also had pork tenderloin tips for $1.88 a lb and giant beef soup bones. Arnie would go nuts.

By Prometheus (not verified) on 25 Jul 2010 #permalink

I beg to differ.
You clearly underestimate the intelligence of said mad scientist. He would, of course, carefully craft his appearance on that party so he would be indistinguishable from other guests - but not as perfectly average as if he was trying to fit in perfectly. Just far enough away from the average to not raise suspicions.
(Or that's what I would do. Does this tell you something about me? *hides evil plans behind couch* No, that was nothing, just a letter from my mom. Yes, really.)

Pics or it didn't happen.

By OneHandClapping (not verified) on 27 Jul 2010 #permalink

Show us your ti.. err.. gloves!

Bobby pins are effing useless for putting hair up. You need those old-fashioned parabola-shaped hair pins that are two inches long. I got a 1/2 pound box of them last summer (yes you buy them by the pound) and haven't looked back. You pull your hair up into a ponytail, then twist it as many times as needed, putting hairpins around it in a "straight in, turn down and push" way. About five pins do it for my haven't-had-a-haircut-since-March-bur-can't-afford-one-now hair.

Or you could just use your Goody gadget.

@ 01Jack - I think she's referring to the italian town of Cognito. It's only in Cognito that evil meets good and the battle to save the world en sues (In shoes? Ens use?...takes place - yeah, that's it!).

Hey bald guys can be on the cutting edge of science too.