Hippo Thanksgiving.

The younger Free-Ride offspring offers this drawing of a hippo exhorting you to remember Thanksgiving.


Judging by the plate in the lower right hand corner of the picture, the hippo is pretty good with portion control. Possibly, though, after cleaning its plate the hippo will eat the cornucopia in the upper left hand corner. You never can tell with hippos.

Still, this hippo seems to have impeccable manners.

A question to ponder while digesting your meal: Why does the Russian language have two words for hippopotamus? Are (or were) there so many hippos roaming the steppes that you'd need an extensive hippo vocabulary to describe them?

Happy Thanksgiving!

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And I wish A Hippo Thanksgiving To You and your family too!

Russian hippos: It's just like ermines and stoats -- during the cold winters, the Siberian Hippopotamus's (Hippopotamus altaica) coat turns bright white, offering it protection against predators, such as the Volga Crocodile (Crocodylus volgaticus).

Siberian Hippos are critically endangered, because the pelt in the white color phase was so highly prized by the Czars.

baby... You so plumpin'

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One word is for hippo, the other word is for hippo in sour cream with dill and tiny pickles.

By hip hip array (not verified) on 02 Dec 2008 #permalink