Sprog commerce.

The Free-Ride offspring have put the wheels in motion to achieve financial independence from their parental units. They intend to make their fortune on T-shirt sales.

Poor deluded kids!

Anyway, they would like you to know that you can score your own copy of this artwork:


on a T-shirt, mug, or totebag, at CafePress.

I would like you to know that we value you as readers whether or not you buy any merchandise.

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What a great concept -- good for the sprogs! :D

I can't help but notice that both my native Sweden and my country of residence Japan are conspicuously missing from The World of Science. Might explain why my science career isn't going anywhere ^_^

Yes - please inform the sprogs that the absence of the UK is a major stumbling block to consumer acceptance (well, for *this* consumer :-) )