In which I try to outwit the gastropods

... from a secret location. Because, in light of fluctuations in the slug and snail population when I go away, I think they may read my blog.

Tuesday (day 39 of the snail eradication project) and Wednesday (day 40 of the snail eradication project) I found ten slugs each. No snails to speak of.

Both mornings were dry and overcast. All the slugs were located underneath the bags of compost and potting soil by the side of the house.

I didn't go snailing today on account of being in the aforementioned secret location. Where it is both hot and humid. I haven't seen any gastropods here, but the ants are ginormous.

If you're reading this, snails and slugs, perhaps it is safe for you to frolic in my yard. Or maybe I'll be back tomorrow morning with the Soapy Bucket of Merciful Deliverance. There's really no way to tell.

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Inkstain's chief gardener, Lissa, suggests that a roadrunner has some facility as a snail hunter. Not sure if that's an option. Also, when I was a child in Southern California, we had these delightful friends who kept a duck in their backyard. It's primary purpose seemed to be the consumption of snails, which Fran and Doris would smash for it. If we were good kids, my sister and I got to smash snails for the duck as well.

Heh heh heh!

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