Random bullets of rabbit update.

We continue to get to know Snowflake Free-Ride, and she us.


*Given her fondness for tossing her blue bowl around and spilling her alfalfa pellets, we got her what was advertised as an unspillable food dispenser. Snowflake seems pretty unconvinced that it's actually unspillable, although she hasn't managed to spill it yet. Indeed, she has me wondering whether it's really unspillable.

*Speaking of food, her current favorites from the yard are dandelions and nasturtiums. (She looks very pretty eating the bright yellow and orange nasturtium flowers.)

*Carrot or stick? She actually likes both equally well. How lucky she is that there are lots of sticks left from when the apple tree was pruned earlier this spring.

*Her salt wheel has still not caught her fancy. However, the rain earlier this week seemed to pique her interest.

*We have discovered at least one way in which Snowflake is like a baby: the "blank canvas" response. Right after I washed down the solid-bottomed side of her hutch (where she likes to pee) this evening, she hopped over, seemed to think to herself, "This doesn't smell right," and peed. Seriously, not two whole minutes elapsed between the completion of the washing and the fresh pee being laid down.

*Snowflake has not as yet hopped her way down her gangplank, but she ventures out a little bit further each day. Soon her curiosity is going to beat out her caution.

*Like everyone else in the Free-Ride family, Snowflake refuses to help me grade papers.

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You probably don't want the notorious BUN helping you grade papers. My rabbits love to eat all of my paperwork. Of course, that could greatly cut down on the grading you have to do.

I had a lap-rabbit as a teenager who'd cheerfully curl up and cuddle on a towel on my knee while I did my homework. He did occasionally try to climb up onto the work (when he was awake), but he didn't eat paper, thank goodness. Having something soft and cuddly certainly helped with my mood, although it didn't speed the work at all.

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