Make that 12 Drosophila Genomes

What happens when I mention a paper describing two more Drosophila genomes? Well, I get a comment telling me that the 12 Genomes Papers have gone live over at Nature. They have provided a nifty 12 Genomes Portal for us to navigate the articles published by Nature based on data from the 12 Genomes Project. Now, these aren't the only papers published from the 12 Genomes Project -- look for 12 Genomes Papers in the November issues of Genetics (currently not web-available), PLoS Genetics (also not up on the website), and the December issue of Genome Research.

The 12 Genomes Papers include two main papers -- one on genome evolution across the entire genus and another on using comparative genomics to identify functional elements. In addition to those two papers, Nature and Nature Genetics have also published some companion papers, including a really cool one on the demasculazation of X chromosomes. I hope to have much more to say as I read through these papers.

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