Congressman John Shadegg (R-AZ) runs for re-election disputing climate change


Congressman John Shadegg's re-election campaign issued a press release last week that cites Michael Fumento and Steve McIntyre to claim that the "facts" about climate change are wrong. If you missed the McIntyre controversy that ignited the conservative blogosphere and political talk radio, you can find the full context here.

In Shadegg's instance, he adds fuel to the fire by using Al Gore as a foil. It's another example of the "two Americas of climate change perceptions," a partisan divide that Gore has only amplified. Given competing cues from partisan leaders, over the past year, Dems have become more intense in their climate change concern while Republicans remain unmoved.

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I love these denialists. It doesn't matter what data you show them, nor how comprehensive that data might be, how exhaustive and integrated its presentation might be, nor how many different people with divergent agenda might shoe it to them. True faith my friends. It's a beautiful thing.

Quite frankly I'm rather disappointed in this latest blast from the climate change noise machine.
There are many individuals in the population at large that simply do not believe in all this so called 'man-made global warming' and to act as if this section of the population is simply stupid or self serving (by publishing data that goes against their belief in this matter and behaving as if you know all the answers and they are wrong) is always going to be counter productive and to increase their opposition to your efforts.

One more reason to chase the Republicans back into their flat-earth holes. They aren't going to come around until they are hurt by climate change because they believe any remedial steps would cost them either money or power.

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