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After a lovely flight, Catriona met me at the airport. We went to the Institute where I checked in my room, set up my wifi, then went down to meet the people and have lunch: various cold cuts, true Coca Cola, and a cream puff:
Although I've known Craig McClain for a few years now, both online and offline, I only had some vague ideas about what kind of research he is doing. I knew it has something to do with the Deep Sea and with the evolution of body size, but I did not know the details. So, when the opportunity arose to…
By now you probably realize that Peter, Kevin, and I are more than ready to burn our terrestrial dwellings down in favor of living among sea creatures in some oceanic utopia. Peter and I have discussed several options for this. To our list of potential inhabitable salty structures comes a new…

What are their names? They're both very cute!

Cute? A pair of mini terrorists with pointy teeth and sharp claws are cute? Welcome to planet Earth.

The creatures in the picture above are called "cats". They are manipulative, insecure, homicidal, needy, self-centered little beasts with a great, unpaid, PR firm. Never leave them alone with pot roasts or knitting.

I can attest to the knitting...