Muslim Creationism: morons a publishin'

The New York Times has a funny article up, Islamic Creationist and a Book Sent Round the World, which recounts the mass distribution (gratis) of Harun Yahya's latest tract, a lavishly illustrated and packaged glossy book which aims to show that evolution didn't occur. This is chuckle worthy:

He said people who had received copies were "just astounded at its size and production values and equally astonished at what a load of crap it is.

"If he sees a picture of an old fossil crab or something, he says, 'See, it looks just like a regular crab, there's no evolution,' " Dr. Padian said. "Extinction does not seem to bother him. He does not really have any sense of what we know about how things change through time."

While they said they were unimpressed with the book's content, recipients marveled at its apparent cost. "If you went into a bookstore and saw a book like this, it would be at least $100," said Dr. Miller, an author of conventional biology texts. "The production costs alone are astronomical. We are talking millions of dollars."

Check out Harun Yahya's extended biography (this is under his real name). Jump down to the "Cocaine Conspiracy" section, it's pretty bizarre. Harun Yahya is obviously a major league tard, and he is clearly dull and deluded enough he doesn't know how transparent his tardation is. The gaudy bling-bling Creationism is similar to the pap put out by the Institute of Creation Science, and his attempts to promote himself as a Renaissance Man who is the master of all he surveys are Dembski worthy. My main question is this: who is funding this trash?

Update: Hey, I have a life so I can't monitor this weblog 24-7. I suspect that the influx of tards has been triggered by people coming through the trackback to the original article in The New York Times (this weblog is heavily linked to on "The Sphere" service that The New York Times uses). I'm going to close comments, though I invite regular readers to check out some of the tardish comments that popped up. They're almost as hilarious as Harun Yahya's website. I mean, yes, Creationism is bad; but such sincere morons are an exotic species to me since I am careful to avoid people at the first sign of tardation. It's been a long time since I expended time arguing with Creationists, but at least "Yahya" and his tardish followers are too dumb to engage in serious sophistry. An analogy would be holding minors and adults accountable for crimes. Obviously minors should be held accountable in some manner, but not to the same extent or degree as adults who are presumed to be able to make more rational and premeditated choices. Though honestly, I feel like I'm insulting children by comparing them with the tard mentalities on display here.

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"Tard"? That kind of term is disgusting - why would anyone read this blog?

He didn't send you a copy? That explains the bitterness ;-)

By cuchulkhan (not verified) on 17 Jul 2007 #permalink

Harun Yahya......groan. The number of times I've had to sit through one of his "documentaries" on the Islam channel. His main method of argument is to put up a short clip/picture of some amazing creature and say something like "look at the humble bee, as it goes from flower to flower collecting nectar it collects TOO MUCH, more than is actually sufficient for its needs. Why? Because bees produce honey for themselves AND human beings. It is apparent in the verse......and the evilutionists say that this is due to just random chance blah blah"
The last time I was watching one I had go into a trance to stop myself screaming at the TV in impotent fury, and unmasking my godless tendencies in front of my family.

Glad you're finally breaking down and joining in on the anti-creationism fun, Razib.

As for who is funding it, I wouldn't be surprised if he was getting some generous support from our own indiginous creationists, who would probably find it to be in their interest to have another Abrahamic religion embrace their nonsense. Perhaps in their warped minds it gives them an air of legitimacy.

I've read 2 volumes of Atlas Of Creation. They really make sense. Nobody could answer these books. they show the proofs of creation. Actuıally the author have written books more than 250 a big part of the books are about the collepse of evolution.

By Matthew Glory (not verified) on 17 Jul 2007 #permalink

HY (group of people, not one person) have a habit of stealing photos, putting 'HY' watermarks on them, and pretending that they had the rights to publish the photos. I wonder how many in this new 'book' are stolen, lol!

And they probably receive funding from their Christian butt-buddies, ICR. And the extortion and prostitution rings.

I've read 2 volumes of Atlas Of Creation. They really make sense. Nobody could answer these books. they show the proofs of creation. Actuıally the author have written books more than 250 a big part of the books are about the collepse of evolution.


Harun Yahya is great. 250 books is an incredible number. I read his book Evolution Deceit. Ä°s incredible. It is very powerful. If somebody has to say something to say against HY it has to be scientific. Otherwise it doesn't mean anything.

By Roberto Carlos (not verified) on 17 Jul 2007 #permalink

I agree Nobody could answer these books. they show the so many proofs of creation. darwinist! did you have any proofs?

The entire Creationist are waiting for an answer but there is no answer yet. Only non sense... As a Muslim we are proud of Harun Yahya.

I think the way he tallks about the outhor shows that he is the trash. In the Atlas there are many other pictures of fossiles.not only pictures of the craps ,but also all the other pictures tells us they are created.

By SABA ASLAN (not verified) on 17 Jul 2007 #permalink

I have already read vol.1-2 of Atlas of Creation. It's amazing, including unbelievable photos and explanations. I think that book already finish evolution. About author that i heard something, He has got 250 books DVDs and website. If anyone wonder about the author you can visit -if ı don't remember wrong- . You can read and learn his life correctly. I was read and it thrill me.I think He is famous and important person in Turkey. If you read about other articles author's, probably you will like it.

By Ferhat Albayrak (not verified) on 17 Jul 2007 #permalink

Darwinist always say that they have a proof but till now we have seen none. Let see your proofs...

By mert saglam (not verified) on 17 Jul 2007 #permalink


It appears you have a minor infestation of Muslim creationist trolls.

Attempting to discuss science with these dudes (and invariably it is always guys) is like talking to a solid wall. The sound just bounces back and doesn't appear to penetrate. I have spent WAY to much time on various Islamic forums discussing the "scientific" accuracy of the Koran to think that the minds of any of these chaps can be altered. The same goes for many of the Christian creationists I've encountered. Facts just to not deter them in their certainty.

Hi, I have also received this amazing book.. I bet a 7-year-old child can easily comprehend that there is no evolution ever occured while examing the millions of years old fossils pics by comparing with the live ones right now!I have visited all his sites after. He is a Muslim author just doing his best to inform people that there is NO evolution, Jesus WILL come back and all other books based on politics, Islam and faith related topics. And this Creation of Atlas really ROCKS the world, guys! Reality can not be hiden under Sun. Dont forget evolution was born death!

By Inci Kucukyilmaz (not verified) on 17 Jul 2007 #permalink

obviously it's the same person posting under a different name over and over.

By cuchulkhan (not verified) on 17 Jul 2007 #permalink

SABA ASLAN - In the Atlas there are many other pictures of fossiles.not only pictures of the craps

I know it's lame to pick on spelling mistakes but who knows, maybe this is for real? Maybe the book is literally full of sh*t to the point where it is even heavily illustrated with crap after crap :-)

Shame about the troll army which is laying seige, I hope they clear up soon...

So, I'm guessing there aren't any pics of Anomalocaris, Hallucigenia, Opabinia, Trilobites, Giant Sea Scorpions, or Archaeopteryx in that huge book? Wouldn't want to include any fossils that don't look like living examples of the groups.

(I really like how trolls with a poor grasp of English are using names like "Jack" and "Matt")

Some Saudi person or organization.

Axoloti-- I really like how trolls with a poor grasp of English are using names like "Jack" and "Matt"

hehe Its like the spam I got when I listed some stray pups on Petfinder. From 'James':

I will like you to foward to me the Last cost Price so as i can make payment sent to you as soon as possible.I will have a Reputable Pet Pick-up Company come for the Pick-Up as soon as the Payment is Cleared from the Bank. I will email you the Pet Pick-up Company's Email address when you got the payment for the pet.

Just wait-- 'Roberto' will ask us for our bank account numbers, LOL!

Still there is the big question for the evolutionists. what is the first living creature? the starting point?

PAUL A its for you.

Believe or not there is no evolution there is creation. I have seen lots of people like you who hasn't got nothing to say and don't have any proof about evolution start making fun it's Instead of talking seriously.It's ok cause you can't say anything,prove anything and show me a proof.Because of not having a proof people like you tried to make their own proofs like nebraska man,ota benga and piltdown sad.But I don't think you know all these I suggest you to do some research about those and you will see that how evolutionist are poor and hopeless againts the God's unique and unmatched creation.God created the world and everything.Also God tells us there are always be people like you who denies.But it doesn't matter.God also says people who believe in always wins.

By SABA ASLAN (not verified) on 17 Jul 2007 #permalink

khnd, I expect others who frequent this blog could answer better than me, but they might be dissuaded from posting due to the crap-flood of commenters. I would say to look at the most basic forms of life. Single celled organisms (I believe prokaryotes are older than eukaryotes) are probably the most basic, though because the environment of the earth was so different, they might more resemble the ones we find in volcanoes/geysers or whatnot. Viruses are also extremely simple (just genetic information in a nifty wrapper, which is why they are technically not alive), but they usually rely on living cells to reproduce. The first form of life was likely just some genetic information along with a means of converting parts of its environment into copies of itself.

Here's a question - if bees make excess honey for humans (as is God's will), why do they get pissed when you try to take it? And why are there bees and bee-like insects who don't give us anything?

And some more - what does the guy think of different species (if there's only one basic crab type for millions of years)?

I agree that the funding is probably Saudi. There was a large article in Discover Magazine (last issue I believe) about this very topic - the pervasiveness of creationism among researchers at Islamic universities (such as Al Azhar). So, it's possible the universities themselves have chipped in.

Such books ( of Yahya ), sent free at expense of millions of $$$ ( from oil profits ???) , are for subtle propeganda for Koran based garbage about science. In a way these stupifying book ( & it's free distribution ) complements their collective ' head in the sand ' attitude & ignorance dating back centuries & solidified by blind & criminally fanatic belif in wrong interpretations of Koran & Mohamad's beliefs. As much as this is a menefestation of their socital & on going educational 'inferiority complex ' such books , though a great source for night time comedy circuits, are very dangerous in how they help perpetuate the Muslim people's hate of modern science & modern people worldwide. All bull.... is OK for them in the name of their Allah ....who probably was more open minded then idots & Yahoos like Yahya.
I guess in view of how they have emotionally & mentally not evolved much farther then Apes of mellenneium ago...
it is convenient & logical for them to defy the theory of evolution. Instead of using new sceince to uplift their society they are using their religion based thoughts to perpetuate theit cultural ignorance. We should pity their youth for being kept in such darkness

Yet, we must note that this kind of book can help solidify faith based ignorance & resulting prejudice among many non questioning muslims. Hence all the copies sent with the illbegotten funds from Arab sources & the blood of many soldiers dying in Iraq & Afghanistan. As none of this - very expensive --book was bought or requested by any of the receipient .... they should be BURNED, by all reciepients everyuwhare, as a token response to their effort of unsolicited propagandic garbage in the name of education & worse ALLAH!!
We have had ENOUGH hatred spread in the name of Allah
.... we sure don't need such BS. Such thinking & the hatred by such ignorant Muslims makes Allah neither merciful & compassionate nor intelligent for the earthly folks. For them ... real strength is not in knowledge & enlightenment but in their collective ignorance & the resulting blind faith & hatred of all that is new & bright in West or East. To stop such menace ....BURN these book from Yahya.