I have a Master's degree... in Science!

Hey, if it's good enough for Dr. Science, it's good enough for me.

Regular posting will resume shortly. First, I must complete some very important experiments on the rheology of dense particle suspensions in a water-alcohol-strawberry solution.

It's for Science.


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W00T, and Yay!

Congratulations! That was pretty quick, wasn't it? I do not comprehend your strange American thesis signing process.

Ah. You are the master. But can you take the grain of rice out of his hand?

Oh. Sorry. Wrong master.

Congratulations. Next stop, PhD?

Sheesh. All I got was this doctor of philosophy (and a t-shirt). I'd rather be a master of science!

Congratulations, Maria, and enjoy experimenting with the density gradient produced by melting of the ice in your azeotrope.

Many many congratulations!
And hopefully that new rheology experiment will still be treating you well tomorrow morning...

Ya done good! Congratulations! Don't get a big head, though. Some people out there have a Doctor's Degree...in Science. Seriously, great job. Enjoy life now for awhile!

And yes, it was sort of a quick draft approval, but I didn't write the post about the acknowledgments for a couple days after actually turning in the draft... and more importantly, I'd already given everyone copies of the polished and submitted-to-journals papers that composed the thesis.

I am late but nonetheless sincere in my congratulations! I am both pleased for you, and inspired in my pursuit of becoming a Master -- of Arts!

Yeah, it's just not as cool.

_belated_Congratulations! I am busy catching up on blogs, so what if I am a week and half late. On a related note, I just read the AAPG Explorer article that called you the "grandmother of geoblogging," doesn't it then follow that instead of celebratory drinks you should head out for a celebratory 4:00pm early bird dinner at Denny's?