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Via Pharyngula, we learn of a post on Query: Sally Kern Scrubs Gay Son?

Sally Kern is the Okie who was caught on tape making a number of outrageous statements about homosexuality. For instance, she claims that any society that totally embraces homosexuality is doomed.

The Oklahoma lawmaker's homophobic remarks have been the talk of the town recently, especially her assertion that gay folk are infiltrating schools to indoctrinate children. And, sensing a critical national spotlight, Kern made a very suspicious change to her official government homepage.

If you compare a March 4th cache and today's version, you'll notice that Kern and/or her staff deleted a biographical sentence mentioning her two adult sons, Jesse and Nathan. Obviously our warning bells went off, so we did a little digging and found something quite queer.

Consider comment seventeen on this Tulsa World article: "How come no-one asks this "supposed" christian woman..about her own GAY son? The one she basically has dis-owned...ahh so christian."


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Remember Sally Kern, the Oklahoma legislator caught on tape babbling about the gay conspiracy? It's worse than it sounded: it seems Kern has a gay son who she has essentially deleted from her public life. And these are the people who claim ownership of the word "family"… Here's something even worse…
I'm afraid the odious Oklahoma legislator, Sally Kern, has opened her mouth again. She has declared herself a "cultural warrior for Judeo-Christian values. I despise the term "Judeo-Christian" — it's so fake, and such a transparent attempt to tie morality to religion. So what are these "Judeo-…
Last week, a secret recording emerged of a disturbing speech by Oklahoma Representative Sally Kern stating that homosexuality is a bigger threat to our nation than "terrorism or Islam." Rep. Kern has refused to apologize for her remarks. She also said: "They're going after two year olds...." "…
The problems with the latest reply from Disco. 'tute's David Klinghoffer begin in the title. He claims: "National Center for Science Education Defends Its Association with James Fetzer, Peddler of Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories." NCSE did not address Klinghoffer's specious and slanderous claims…

what does she even mean by a society "totally embracing" homosexuality? has any society, ever, actually done that?

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