I'm using the Internet connection of some neighbor who's name is "linksys" because my 6 year old wireless router died this morning. I have had a GI disease of some kind for the last few days which has made it impossible to eat pain meds. Ouch ouch ouch. Tomorrow, I get oral surgery. I blew all the dust out of all of my computers with those cans of air, and it settled on everything. And the vacuum cleaner sucks. In that it doesn't.

So don't expect any great blogging from me today, or even tomorrow, OK? Just don't.

Maybe I'll twitter baby duty tomorrow.

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"I'm using the Internet connection of some neighbor..."

Ummm...is that legal there? In the UK it's illegal to use someone else's wireless connection without their permission. (Not sure what the actual law is - Grievous Purloining of Internet? - so don't ask for sources.) Unless of course you asked your neighbour, in which case, pls ignore!

By Dave, London (not verified) on 28 Apr 2010 #permalink

I have no idea. Actually, my laptop will attach to whatever is out there, so it's not me, it's my laptop.

The name of the connection is "something-guest" so I figure, whatever...

Hint: One of the jobs I've had was PC maintenance. Mostly, cleaning screens and keyboards, unjamming printers, and clearing the dust from PCs.

When possible we would drag the unit outside to blow the dust out with a blowgun hooked to a compressor. 120 psi air in the copious amounts that a good compressor can supply is a lot more effective than any can of air. Those cans of air are convenient but weak and expensive for what you're getting. Using industrial air you have to be careful and both shoot from a distance and restrain the fans to keep them from spinning up too fast.

Unable to drag the units outdoors we would work under a large canvas tarp and have a 20" box fan rigged with a air filter to catch the majority of the dust. It made a huge difference.

I had the same thing happen to me in January. That is, my router died. I don't know how old it was, because it was really somebody else's router. The end result of all that was, that we had to shell out nearly $200 for a router that works pretty well. I had to wait for our Family Computer Guru to come and take a look, and in the meantime, I had a gizmo from my ISP that allowed me, but not anybody else, to connect to the Internet. The end result was, we ended up paying about $200 for a shiny new router that works quite well. As for your surgery, I hope it all goes well and your problems are solved for the moment.
Anne G