Voter Intimidation in South Carolina

Surely, South Carolina is the suckiest state in the union these days. So, it is not a surprise to discover that teabaggers are intimidating voters they think may be against them.

Early this morning, self-identified tea party activists showed up at a polling station near Benedict College in Columbia, "basically harassing students--telling people not to vote and generally making voters feel uncomfortable," says Keiana Page, press secretary for the state Democratic Party, who said that the party's legal team is currently investigating the reported incident at the historically black college.


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It gets worse.

I'm registered to vote, and tried twice, but got defeated. Some agent at the poll selects people to deny entry, and his enforcer -- an on-duty, in-uniform, local cop -- will back his play, whatever it is. If you protest too much, you get arrested, charged with a number of misdemeanors and felonies, and are jailed.

Getting bailed out is no help.

The price you must pay to end the relentless prosecution is pleading guilty to a felony charge, one you are innocent of. If you refuse, they will try you on all counts and get a conviction.

By Rose Colored Glasses (not verified) on 02 Nov 2010 #permalink

My dear Dr. Laden, South Carolina has been the suckiest state in the union for a long time now. I really do wish the Christian Exodus people had gotten their thing together, moved there, and seceded. I for one would not miss them or the state at all.

Poll Tax! How I love ya, how I love ya, my dear ol' Poll Tax!

Now for anyone who has actual police or election officials harassing the voting public, that is not a misdemeanor, it is a very serious criminal offense and must be reported. Unfortunately if cops are involved you can bet you won't get anywhere - but still, these creeps need to be exposed. In other parts of the world officers on duty may not enter the voting precinct (they stay outside and may only come in if asked to respond to an emergency), and if they must also vote that day at the same precinct they may not enter with weapons.

By MadScientist (not verified) on 02 Nov 2010 #permalink

I dunno, Mississippi is always a tough contender for the title.