The Branding is Upon Us, Verily

A while back, the National Geographic Society entered into an agreement with Seed Media Group, the latter being the owner and operator of This agreement had to do with advertising (simple version: NGS will broker the ad space on Scienceblogs) and branding (simple version: will look all golden-yellowy and otherwise be updated to have National Geographic stuff on it). There really aren't any major interactions to speak of other than this, yet, though you may have noticed if you read NGS's blog that Scienceblog posts are often linked to over there.

But there will be other arrangements made with respect to developing content and stuff. That will happen when it happens and I'm sure it will all be very good. We will also see the actual implementation of our Code of Conduct, which will change very little on this blog as I've been implementing that for months now, without anyone (who matters) really noticing.

Anyway, at about 7:00 PM May 21, 2012, Monday, which is in a few hours from now as I write this, the process will start. You won't see anything happening until late in the day on Tuesday, or perhaps Wednesday (things always take longer than expected). At that time, we will be branded. You'll see.

Here's the important thing to know: From 7:00 PM Eastern Time Monday night until the branding is completed, anything I post or anything you say in comments will not survive. Posts and comments made prior to that will be transferred during this period of time.

The main page has info on it, but I don't think there is anything on there that I've not said here.

I am very excited about using the WordPress platform for blogging here. It will be like having a hot poker removed from my left eye. Not that I've ever had a hot poker removed from my left eye, but you get the point.

Oh, one other thing. All Sblings are now required to have the National Geographic Theme Song as their cell phone "ring tone."

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So, I can safely post obscenities here now? Nobody will ever see it anyway as it will all be gone tomorrow!

But really, good to hear about the move from dreadful MT4 to WP. It should be fun to watch you all...

Yes, do what you want, like writing stuff all over a wall you are about to paint over!

So, the transfer saved Bora's comment, but not mine?

By Mike Haubrich (not verified) on 22 May 2012 #permalink

Apocalypse are rarely tidy.

The site navigation sucks big time now.

It may be partly because it is geared to IE8 or whatever, but an example of teh sux is that selecting a blog from the "Select Blog" picklist does nothing other than display the blog you picked in that picklist. Not actually go to that blog.

Wow: I don't have hat problem in my browser but I'm passing your observation on to HQ. Thanks.

I'm running Firefox 3.6.17 on RHEL6, if it is of any use...

(of course, if it's not of any use, I'm still using FF on RHEL6)