Bill Nye talks about the upcoming debate

Bill Nye on CNN:

I think Bill is going to make excellent points in this debate. I don't think changing creationists minds is the point, as Bill Nye says. I also like Nye asking about the sincerity of the creationist point of view. I wish him the best of luck.

And not just luck, but Science-Power. Because we're right and they're wrong.


A rollicking adventure through the rift valley and rain forests of Central Africa in search of the elusive diminutive ape known locally as Sungudogo.   A rollicking adventure through the rift valley and rain forests of Central Africa in search of the elusive diminutive ape known locally as Sungudogo.

More on science education HERE.

Also, check out my novella, Sungudogo, HERE. It is an adventure story set in Central Africa which ultimately turns out to be a parody of the skeptics movement. It seems to have struck a nerve with a few of the skeptics, while others seem to have enjoyed it. Who knew?

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I am more convinced that Mr. Nye knows what a debate is really all about. As for if he can actually perform they way he needs to I don't know. I hope he surprises me.

Does anyone know if Mr. Nye has done anything like debate before?

c'mon bill debating this guy is gonna be like kicking puppies
you would have more credibility if you would debate someone with a little more brain power. but then I guess the smart thing to do is pick your own fights especially when you know you are gonna win

By lilbear68 (not verified) on 09 Jan 2014 #permalink

I have to qualify my previous statement.

The improvement in my feelings about this are like 5% to 10% chances in doing a good job (pulled out of my butt because it's just an impression). Debate is not a game. Maybe he can get an intellectual appreciation for what a debate is all about but I would not want someone with an intellectual appreciation for what is needed in a surgery to operate on me. Experience matters.

There are still too many flaws in what he has done. From what I understand he did not demand that the uncut video/audio be released. This is a huge flaw. Implicit memory processes from experience matter. He needs a coach in how these things work NOW.

I wish Bill all the luck in the world. My question: are there any be employed? Will he "win"? Maybe one or two of the audience who actually want to send a kid to a real school, get a real education and a real job. That's about it.

By BobFromLI (not verified) on 09 Jan 2014 #permalink

Mark Twain — 'Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.'

How can you not even mention the date of the debate they're discussing? Admittedly it might be in the video (can't watch it at work) but I would think you'd at least put the date of the debate you're referencing in the text.

@lilbear68 if they were smarter they wouldn't be creationists

By Smarter Than Y… (not verified) on 09 Jan 2014 #permalink

What does it matter? Why do people have to convince anyone of anything? Creationists believe one way, that's part of their religion. Evolutionists believe another way, that's their religion. What happened to "Mind your own business"? why do people have to be DICKS?

CNN not very cleverly hiding their bias by only quoting a pro-science commenter on a comment that implies that Bill Nye does not have the ability to speak rationally on a rather easy topic of science. DNA sequencing is so low cost and easy to do that almost anyone can go ahead and gather objective evidence for evolution in an afternoon... Objecting to Bill Nye talking about evolution is like objecting to him talking about how the planets orbit the sun, complaining that he's not a gravity expert.

By Anonymous (not verified) on 10 Jan 2014 #permalink

Ken Ham will most likely "win" the debate - He's not a slouch by any means. He truly does believe in a Young Earth. He is passionate, has the facts (interpreted to fit a Creationist's theory) and will bombard him with information. Bill will be on his heels in the opening round. And I am NOT a Creationist.

Learning and engineering is a meaningful and purposeful. Evolution is random and purposeless. Learning and evolution have nothing in common.

Ken Ham will easily win the debate simply because evolution does not make any sense and provides no bases or motivation for learning–unless of course you fell compelled to believe that nothing, at some point in the distant past, for no reason became matter, energy, light, space, and time at precisely the same moment. The matter part then self combusted itself with such force that it spread itself though out the now known universe and again self organized itself (defying the 2nd Law of Thermo dynamics) to become the extremely beautiful and complex universe we observe today.

The secular evolutionist high priests will respond with holier-than-thou ridicule and will censor the debate results from as many people as possible. They will then devout all their attention to how they can prevent the free exchange of ideas in the future with the intent of minimizing as much future exposure as possible.

Actually, the aftermath will be virtually identical the Chief Priests response to the simple message of Jesus Christ when He walked the shores of the Sea of Galilee.

Jim, what does the origin of the universe have to do with evolution? What are you even talking about?

When people invoke the seond law of thermodynamics to argue against the organisation of the universe, you know they don't understand the second law of thermodynamics.

I always ask those people why the formation of micelles ('aggregates' of surfactant molecules) is usually endothermic, meaning that this organisation is actually causing an increase in disorder. Ordering causing disordering according to the energy flows. Well, Jim, care to show us you actually *do* understand the second law of thermodynamics.

One also wonders what is so "beautiful" about our universe, and why it would not be "beautiful" if it were to look different?

@Bryan @Jim I have to agree with Bryan and Jim. Based on the facts available Ken Ham with win this debate. It is area of expertise and life's work. He knows his bible and has refuted or called into question much of evolution's subject matter.
Bill Nye trained as a mechanical engineer ( I am one too!) Watching the video Bill Nye comes across as naive as to what approaches him. Furthermore, evolutionist's track record is pretty poor for wins in this type of a debate. It seems pride overtakes sober analysis when being drawn into these things. Bill may prove me wrong but it does not look good.
Many of Ken Ham's contemporaries and colleges have debated evolutionists and have either won the debate or watched the evolutionist self-destruct on the stage. A classic case is Ian Plimer (an Australian as I am) who embarrassed himself on stage. Some evolutionists think he may have made a good point but his behavior was so overbearing it was drowned out.
Good luck to both Bill and Ken.

Come on Bill! You can be science literate and a Christian!!! It is what a cop out he is.

I hope Nye brings his riding boots as he's in for a Gish gallop. Can't teach all of Bio 1 in one sitting. Also, it's difficult to retort when people say things that are so mind blowingly wrong they're not even wrong...

"I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life; no one comes to the Father, but by Me." ...Jesus (John 14:6)