Michael Mann Answers Questions From Dangerous Children About Ian Somerhalder

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Michael Mann is one of the key climate scientists of the day. History will crown Mann as one of the great heroes who defended the freedom to do science rationally despite constant attacks from mean spirited and ignorant, self interested, politically motivated, oil-money-soaked climate science…
This is a sea change, possibly one of the most important political changes to happen in US history. I've mentioned it before, we'll talk about it more, but for now, just watch this. Also, Michael Mann is interviewed: Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy
Another student, me, and Bossman discussing some cool data: Another student: Thats so crazy! How could HIV do that?? Me: LOL! Its sentient. Another student: LOL! Its a conscious being with self awareness! Me: LOL! It can recognize itself in a mirror! Another student: LOL! It has critical…
Today is PZ Myers birthday. I live roughly in PZ's neighborhood, so I broke into his house last night and scanned a couple of images from the Myers family photo album. I thought you might enjoy them... There is a LINKFEST growing of other LOL PZ posts (and perhaps other items) at A Blog…

Thanks Greg - that's truly funny and right on!

btw Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the USA

By Douglas C Alder (not verified) on 27 Nov 2014 #permalink

Ian shareholder is so hot.

That is really stupid and not funny.

No, it is really funny. Watch it again. You must not have been paying attention the first time.