Clinton vs. Sanders Polls US Democratic Primary

Clinton vs. Sanders, Likely Voters, Non-Partisan Polls only. Graphic last updated October 15th, shows polls through October 12th only.

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Top candidates only, non-partisan polls only, likely voters only, graphic updated October 15th, most recent polls October 12.
I'm looking at an exit poll by NBC and I have thoughts. Gender Gap Much has been made of the fact that Sanders got 55% of female votes, more than 44% for Clinton. That is indeed significant. But little has been said about the fact that among males, 66% voted for Sanders and 32% for Clinton. (55…
You may be asking yourself the same question, especially if, like me, you vote on Tuesday, March 1st. For some of us, a related question is which of the two is likely to win the nomination. If one of the two is highly likely to win the nomination, then it may be smart to vote for that candidate…
The current polling as shown on the Huffpo Pollster, using only "likely voters" and "non partisan polls" shows that Trump and Carson are neck and neck and have been close for a week. Most of the other candidates are so low it is impossible to imagine any of them rising to a level of significance.…

I think Bernie Sanders is close to being right, but it's like hors hoes, if the shoe legs surround the stake, with our without hitting that's that's two points, if the horseshoe lands to the side of the stake, if it the nearest landing leg is within one horseshoe width of the stake, that's a point.

Bernie missed the point. Public colleges should be free. So should private institutions. Harvard, Yale and Stanford get lots of money from alumni contributions and earnings on donations' investments. But the vast majority of their operating incomes come from U.S. taxpayer-paid federal grants. If they want to stop taking federal grants, and become entirely privately-funded, then they can charge gimongous tutitions. But if they take big federal funding, paid for by the little people, their tuition should be free for all students.

They currently offer free tuition to selected poor-family athletes, scholars and artists, but everybody determined to be admissions-qualified, should be admitted, and given a no-cost education. Stop the legacy admissions, the donor-influenced admissions (sometimes the same thing). If I recall correctly, most of the Ivies were established to educate poor, promising scholars.

Why didn't Greg get admitted, as an undergrad, to home-state Cornell,or Cornell, or new-state Harvard, Yale or Princeton?

I was a National Merit Finalist. Lots of 18 year olds with lower brainpower got into these premier private universities.

Bernie's talking about another plan altogether, no tuition for students attending community colleges and second, third and fourth tier universities. This a not credible plan for enabling hipoor students to receive a first-rate education.

I'd like to see Bobby Jindal rise. He got into Brown at age 15, Harvard and Yale Law at age 19, Harvard and Yale Med at age 19. Took a OxfordRhosds scholarship, awarded at age 19. Billl Clinton was awarded a Rhodes scholarship at age 21. Hill never got one.

Who's smarter here?

Are the Republicans dumb for not pushing Bobby's candidacy? I personally think so.

He's still young. Dems are pushing old and really old white candidates. Hillary is "blonde". Demand that she stop coloring her hair. You don't want to do that.

By Mark Schooley MD (not verified) on 18 Oct 2015 #permalink