The Big Winner in the Second POTUS Debate: Climate Change!

Climate change is a settled issue. It is now widely and recognized as real, and as one of the top, if not THE top, existential problems the world faces today. Americans want climate change stopped, and they want the next version of the US Government, the one that starts in January, 2017, to work hard to reduce the human release of greenhouse gas as rapidly as possible.

How do we know this?

Because no one mentioned a thing about it during last night's debate!

A few months ago, I would have expected presidential debates to have included climate change pretty much in every iteration. It doesn't matter if the overarching subject matter is national security, the economy, or any other topic; climate change figures importantly in every aspect of American national policy. But, in the intervening time, we've had the Paris agreement, we've had a general acknowledgement that climate change is real by a growing number of former skeptics, and recently, even Donald "It's a Chinese Hoax" Trump told us that he never said it was a Chinese hoax.

So, it's over! No need to discuss the most important issue of our times, even after the floodwaters caused by a devastating global warming enhanced hurricane are still receding in the American southeast, and bodies are still being found in the rubble in Haiti. Apparently, everyone, including Anderson Cooper (who did a TV special on how important climate change is a few years go) and the others at the debate, are have boarded the cliamte change train and are ready to move forward!

I'm so glad that people have finally come to their senses.

For more on climate change at last night's debate, see: #KenBone becomes famous — and not for asking a non-#climate question fcl

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Enjoyed your atypical sarcasm!

The continuing Climate Silence during the debates is ... the words fail.

What is especially depressing is that Anderson Cooper is pretty decent (even strong) on climate change compared to most major media personalities and even he didn't elevate it to the top of the list.

As per my discussion: "Even climate-aware moderators aren’t asking climate questions as debate climate silence continues.
Okay, no surprise, but telling … isn’t it?" (that is linked to in Greg's post:…)

I can only assume that they are saving Climate Change for the third and final presidential debate. Right?

"We're going to have yuge climate change. The environment loves that and loves me. It will be yuge."

That's what I'm hoping for...

By Brainstorms (not verified) on 10 Oct 2016 #permalink

Thanks, Dean.

I was hoping that they'll bring on climate change issues in the third debate...

By Brainstorms (not verified) on 10 Oct 2016 #permalink

Dear Greg and readers, Greg wishes people to believe a miracle has happened, but at first glance every interested person recognizes Greg´s hoax. Wish Greg´s headline was right. At this moment in time after having written three books about the apocalypse of earth (a decennia long study written in Dutch with parts of it in English) I'm now in the process with my professional book designer of making them ready for public knowledge. It's wake up time. Unfortunately, the irresponsible responsible keep on dreaming. If Mr. Donald Trump would become your next President the more likely the climate re-change will fail. Insofar as I can see, Presidential candidate Mrs. Hillary Clinton could do a better job in bringing the action towards climate re-change into a safer position. The margins of saving earth for all mankind are getting thinner and thinner. This is an ongoing show. Polar icefields don´t stop falling apart because of world politics. Time to think about strong international action and safe places for increasing numbers of climate- read planet-change victims. Are there any? Worry be happy, Kind regards, Gerrit Bogaers, Laren NH, Dutch time 17:09 hours PM.

By Gerrit Bogaers (not verified) on 10 Oct 2016 #permalink