The Russians are Hacking Us Again

I remember like it was yesterday, the anti Hillary rhetoric flying around during those final weeks of the election. People were making statements that seemed to be based on actual sources, though the sources themselves were not crossing my path. The attitude of those repeating the stories was very similar across the board. Breathless, gut-punch angry, visceral, mean. They were talking almost as though Hillary Clinton had stepped on their baby's heads. That kind of thing.

And it turns out that this was the Russians. The people doing this were not the Russians. Rather, the Russians, either working for Trump or working in parallel with him (we shall eventually find out) were isolating vulnerable individuals, individual who fit a certain discernible pattern of attributes, and psychologically manipulating them to rage against Hillary.

Looking back, it is now pretty clear that this vitriolic wall of hate, rising up unexpectedly and looking a certain way, was an anomaly. Yes, yes, there was all this Hillary Hate before, but that was from a different demographic, had a different look, and a different feel. This new thing was a different thing, and looking back, one can see it clearly.

And now, it is back. The statements being made that, when you run them down, are not based on reality. The vitriol, almost threatening way it is put. The logical conclusion of the rhetoric being self defeating and damaging to the Democratic Party and progressive idea.

But this time it is about Bernie. I will bet all my bagels and muffins against all your donuts that the Russians are hacking us again, but this time, instead of manipulating Bernie-favoring people to hate bigger and better on Hillary, they are manipulating Hillary supporters to bash Bernie.

It is the same level of vitriol, the same badly sourced accusations, the same direct link between accusation and a final solution of leaving or tearing apart the Democratic party, etc. It appeared in the social networking world instantly, and it is suddenly everywhere. Have you seen it?

I'll give yo an example. Perez gets up in front of an audience and all the Bernie Bots boo him. That is what is being said. What really happened is that Perez got Bernie to do a talk in a place where Bernie was very popular, to shore up Democratic support, and a lot of Bernie people cheered the heck out of Bernie. There was not moment of booing Perez, though there may have been one moment of mixed hemming and hawing. The actual non-false, real thing that happened is that Perez gave a speech that had the audience cheering and on their feet, then Sanders gave a speech that had the audience cheering and on their feet. If you don't believe me, you can watch it yourself, below.

But this was converted into a false accusation that Bernie was trying to ruin the Democratic Party. The vitriol is intense. He's a socialist, run him out. He's an independent, run him out. He lies all the time. Etc.

The result of this falsehood laced vitriol is to split anti-Republican and anti-Trump forces and to throw the grassroots of the Democratic Party in to chaos.

OK, I do not know that this is Russian Hacking. But it looks exactly like the Russian anti-Hillary hacking. It has the same form, the same technique, some of the same rhetoric, and is exploiting a similar set of vulnerable individuals. If this is not Russian hacking then, indeed, you can have all the muffins and bagels in the land for yourself.

Tom Perez Was Not Booed; that is a pernicious lie

How many Democratic events have you been to? This was a pretty typical one, but slight bit more raucous. There is a heckler yelling something in the beginning, I have no idea what. Hecklers could be paid operatives, or just crazy people, or just people who are not fully in control of themselves.

The so called "booing of Perez," which was not booing of Perez, happens at just after 6:18. Perez is not on the stage, therefore he is not booed. The speaker asks the audience if they are there to hear about the future of the Democratic Party and the new chair. This is an audience of people who came to hear Sanders. It is a light hearted, fun, charged up rally. If you say to them, "you are here to see ______" where the blank is filled in with anything at all that is not the keynote speaker, they will boo. So, some booed, some cheered, it was pretty ambiguous, and most importantly, UTTERLY MEANINGLESS. It is this moment of alleged but not actual booing of Perez that is among the items being used to bash Bernie and create this unnecessary division.

Now, watch Perz at just after 32:00 . He gives a great speach. He is cheered and loved. there is not Perez hate here.

The people who are being manipulated by this latest round of psychological warfare are unlikely to be convinced that they are wrong. Assuming this is manipulation, the psychology is immune, laced with paranoia and preformed hatred of disagreement. What needs to happen is this: People need to realize that the hacking that happened before can happen again and, probably, is happening again now. The other thing that needs to happen is that the individuals who are doing this hacking, who can't find their center, their rational self, and slough it off, need to be isolated. Don't engage, don't follow, just ... well, just do this:

Because that is what your friend's facebook page looks like.

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Get caught wasn't a enough for sugar bear Putin he going to keep do it intill he don't get caught again, american don't hold your breath it Putin a ruskies this is gone to be along time for them to get this right. .

By donna mcdonald (not verified) on 19 Apr 2017 #permalink

You may be right, but I don't think that video is a good analogy...

Who cares what you "think"? You don't really care what you actually think, nor care what reality is. Therefore telling us what your opinion is is pointless and of zero value.

Russians are also hacking the California secession movement.

Who knows whether that was pulled from your arse or someone else's butthole.

It might, though unlikely to be the case, be from reality.

But there's no way to tell. Hence it's again completely worthless.

Before the 2016 election, there was the CRU hack and 'Climategate'. The Russians were fingered for that, too...

And Putin has a simple reason to halt, or at least delay, action on climate change - his big dollars come from Russian fossil fuel sales.

By Bernard J. (not verified) on 20 Apr 2017 #permalink

The Russians ate my homework too!

By jon lonergan (not verified) on 20 Apr 2017 #permalink

The Russians ate my homework too!

How charming. Someone who presumably thinks the Russians just wouldn't do such naughty things.

Bernard, before Kyoto was agreed to by Russians, they had some of their scientists talking about it's all fake, some even made bets of global cooling. Well orchestrated to get concessions for their signature.
What I don't get is how Russia benefits from having Trump's fossil fuel policies running America. They were financing anti-fracking movies like Gasland.

Yeah, that story on the russians is on all the usual liar sites (w u w that, uncensored -- the usual go-to sites for people who don't like science at all). Is it anywhere legitimate?

What I don’t get is how Russia benefits from having Trump’s fossil fuel policies running America. They were financing anti-fracking movies like Gasland.

Or. If the US goes all BAU on fossil fuels, it potentially fucks up policy trajectory world-wide, which suits the Russians, with their fundamental economic dependence on FF exports, just fine.

Re gasland and trumpalina, for a start they don't have just one computer AI with one single track of mind running the show.

Secondly, fracking cuts into russian exports of gas, while getting the USA to hand over expertise and equipment gives them more oil to export at a profit.

Third, why should they only do bad things? If doing something good helps them, why the hell shouldn't they do it?