Vote for the 2005 Koufax Awards

FINALLY! The polls are open to vote for the 2005 Koufax Awards. The purpose of this round of voting is to identify the top 6-10 semifinalists for each category. Voting is done either through email or by posting your choice in each category's comments. As you might recall, Living the Scientific Life was nominated for a few of these award categories, as follows;

Best Blog (non-professional)

Best Expert Blog

Best Writing

Most Deserving of Wider Recognition

Best Individual Post for Tsunamis and Mangroves: The Shrimp Connection

Most Humorous Post for My Living Will

Best Series for Birds in the News (most recent issue), which today, celebrates its first year anniversary.

Of course, I'd really appreciate your vote.

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The polls for 2005 Koufax Awards are now open! There are 15 award categories, and a good representation of science bloggers (including ScienceBlogsers) among the nominees. Including (aw, shucks!) "Adventures in Ethics and Science" in the Best New Blog category. Of course, I would be honored if…
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dang, i am not supposed to be in that category! (unless THIS incarnation of my blog is considered "new" .. but i don't think it fits their definition) GAH!!!!

Well don't 'look a gift-horse' and all that! Heck, the quality of your competition, in all categories, is an award in itself!