Last Call for your Vote in 2005 Koufax Awards

I have been writing my class syllabus (conservation genetics) for awhile today and as a reward, I thought I'd peek in on you all to see what you are doing. I just learned that, for reasons that escape me, the Koufax Awards voting deadline has been extended until tonight. I think this is great!

So, just to prove to you all that I did not win the first runner-up in the BoB Awards' "blog whore" category for nothing (badge at top of left sidebar), here I am again, asking for your vote for the 2005 Koufax Awards. This round of voting is simply to identify those 6-10 top vote recipients for each category. These blogs are then named as the finalists in their categories and then are exposed to one final round of voting to name the champion.

The good news: Living the Scientific Life was nominated for a buncha categories.

The bad news: Living the Scientific Life is not doing very well in any of those categories (because everyone else is so fine), although I cannot be sure what is happening with the email votes.

Anywho, since I am good enough to be named first runner up in the BoB blog whore category, I am compelled to make a good showing or my badge will be taken away from me. Besides, I do not want to be publically embarassed by not receiving ANY votes! YIKES!! Horrors!! So, my faithful flying monkeys .. er, peeps, ADORE ME and while you are at it, please vote for this blog! The categories are;

Best Blog (non-professional)

Best Expert Blog

Best Writing

Most Deserving of Wider Recognition Well, I think so!

Best Individual Post for Tsunamis and Mangroves: The Shrimp Connection PLEASE READ THIS STORY AND VOTE FOR IT (because I think this is a REALLY GREAT STORY!! Keep in mind that this story was written in mere days after that tragic event. So your votes will convince me that I am not seriously deluded regarding my feelings for this story).

Most Humorous Post for My Living Will

Best Series for Birds in the News (most recent issue), which recently celebrated its first year anniversary.

Of course, I'd really appreciate your vote.

What does it cost you to vote for me? NOTHING! What do I get if I win? NOTHING! (Well, I think I do get a little badge for my blog). What do you get for voting for me? You can brag to all your friends that you read "award winning blogs" and I can brag that I am actually good at something.

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Hi Dr.Hedwig, I voted for you in the best post category a coupla days back. That post of yours really hit close to home coz while growing up in India in the 90s, I remember the rise of the shrimp-farming craze when acres upon acres of fertile land was being converted into shrimp ponds. I had to travel a stretch of the coastline by train on the route between my home town and my college town. There was a section where all I could see from the train was shrimp ponds going parallel to the tracks for about an hour.