Fiery Skipper

Fiery Skipper, Hylephila phyleus.
W. 11th St. Park Butterfly Garden, Houston, Texas.
28 October 2006

Image: Biosparite.

I am receiving so many gorgeous pictures from you, dear readers, that I am overwhelmed by the beauty of the images and the creatures and places in them. If you have a high-resolution digitized nature image (I prefer JPG format) that you'd like to share with your fellow readers, feel free to email it to me, along with information about the image and how you'd like it to be credited.


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It was 71 degrees in Houston today, so if you long for spring, you could at least get some additional doses of Indian Summer down here. I like Skippers, although in this region some of them are a challenge to identify. The Fiery Skipper and many of our other Skippers uses grasses as their host plant, so Grass Skippers are abundant in cities except where people saturate their yards and vegetation with heavy doses of agricultural chemicals, either through their own endeavors or through commercial lawn services. Mosquito spraying does not help the lep fauna, either, and hardly touches the mosquitoes.

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