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Wow, my blog was given another award! This time, Living the Scientific Life was recognized by Psych Central as being one of the top ten blogs to go to to read about bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depressive illness. The top ten list for bipolar disorder was compiled with input from readers, one of their associate editors, Sandra, and by John Grohol, PsyD. According to John, "[This award] reflects the excellence in regular writing of entries related to this mental health concern that we feel is consistent and worthy of people's time."

As my long-time readers know, I have battled this disorder for most of my life (and mostly in secret). Even though a quick glance through my blog will show you that I do not write exclusively about bipolar disorder, one of my goals is to write about this disorder (and also about depression) as often as possible, particularly when there is new research to summarize and translate for you. Thanks Sandra, and thanks to Doctor John and his readers for the recognition!

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By Chris' Wills (not verified) on 12 Sep 2007 #permalink

You're very welcome!

A tiny correction: your link goes to the other SciBling Sandra, of Discovering Biology in a Digital World. I'm the Sandra from Omni Brain, and also a contributing editor at PsychCentral. :)

so someone tell me when the Homer Awards (d'OH!) are being made, okay?

i corrected that weeee link problem.

So why don't you put all your experiences into a book and get an agent?

bob, thanks for your vote of confidence. i am writing a book proposal for a nonfiction book at this time. i am also thinking about (developing, right now) a novel about my experiences, but it will be somewhat fictionalized.

but honestly, i am scared shitless to fail.


especially at writing a book -- it's my last dream. i'd rather die having one unrealized dream than know i'd failed at every last thing i'd ever invested my life into pursuing.