What's On My Parrots' Menu This Week?

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One of the great pleasures I have is feeding my birds. I love everything about it, from shopping for the finest and freshest foods to preparing them for the birds to eat. As a result, I'd guess that my food preparations for the birds become rather complicated. Anyway, I thought I'd let you all know what my birds are eating this week;

All the birds;

frozen, thawed mixed vegetables (peas, carrot pieces, corn, lima beans)
fresh zucchini pieces
fresh red bell pepper pieces
fresh corn-on-the-cob cut into 1-inch "wheels"
fresh gala apple pieces
fresh mango pieces
fresh orange pieces
fresh kiwi pieces
fresh globe grapes
bird dietary supplement powder (either Nekton vitamins, or Bene-Bac) mixed in
fresh pomegranate seeds sprinkled over the top

For the lories;

extra globe grapes

For the Eclectus and hawk-headed parrots;

fresh cranberries
high-quality seed mix in a separate bowl

For the hawk-headed parrot;

pine nuts, shelled

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