What's On The Birds' Menu This Week?

Even when life is overwhelming and I find myself hiding from everyone and everything, as I have been for awhile now, I still find pleasure in feeding my birds. I know that many of you understand and share in this pleasure, so I thought I'd tell you what's on my parrots' menu for this week;

frozen thawed mixed vegetables (corn, peas, whole green beans, lima beans, asparagus pieces, red Bell pepper pieces, carrot chunks)
fresh corn on the cob, cut into 1-inch chunks
fresh cranberries
fresh globe grapes with seeds, cut in half
fresh mango, cut into 0.5-inch chunks
fresh kiwi fruit, with seeds, cut into pieces
fresh yellow delicious apple (slices)
fresh orange (slices)
fresh pomegranate with seeds
fresh red Bell pepper (pieces)
some variety of bright orange squash, with seeds, cut into chunks

for the Eclectus and hawk-headed parrots only;

fresh jalapeno pepper with seeds (slices)
top quality mixed seed mix (separate bowl)

for the hawk-headed parrot only;

raw pine nuts
raw almond pieces

for the yellow-bibbed lories only;

extra portion of fresh globe grapes
extra portion fresh cranberries
mango juice poured over everything

Papaya were astonishingly cheap this week, but I didn't get any because they also were big -- each one was much bigger than any one of my parrots, as a matter of fact. I suppose I should rethink this decision because papaya in a solid fruit that freezes well -- better than most other fruits and certainly better than all berries!

I will be looking for some exotic fruits and veggies for my birds in Chinatown on Saturday. I'll let you know what I find.

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mmmm, sounds delish!!!!
tonight i went shopping at a regional store here in New England called Ocean State Job Lot. I picked up some Spelt,Hulled Barley and Kamut grains that the birds just love cooked up in the rice cooker. yummy
I love that we have cranberries this time of year cuz both the birds and I like to eat them raw.
I can't believe how the price of pomegranites has skyrocketed.
My birds won't be seeing many of those any time soon.
Have fun in Chinatown. I don't think its the season yet but there is nothing better than fresh lychee's.

My birds have been getting pomegranate recently as well. It is a favorite. I have a papaya which is ripening that I was planning to share with them. Gala apples have been a good deal as well, and I have been serving apple chunks with chopped orange bell pepper with their breakfast.

And today it is time to make bird bread again!