Bullfrog Ballet: Never Say Goodbye

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Frogs Forever? Only if we leap in to save them. There's a global crisis facing all amphibians -- frogs, toads and salamanders -- they're vanishing before our very eyes. [2:11].

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My local froggie pool: http://drop.io/dt3vubi (audio mp3 file)

If you load it into an audio recording program such as Audacity (free) and look at the waveform, you'll see that frog calls decrease notably in the center where there is an overflying airplane. I heard that one of the dynamics of communal calling is a protection against predators, who can not get a good fix on individual frogs because of the chorus. I would venture that predation increases during lulls such as the one in this recording. It would be interesting to see if anybody has done/can do a proper study of this effect.

By GrayGaffer (not verified) on 19 Mar 2008 #permalink